Naksh goes missing from marriage altar in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta Naksh aka Rishi Dev's shocking exit

Kirti is ready for the marriage. She waits for Naksh to get baraat. Singhanias get the baraat. The Singhania women dance around Kirti. Kirti gets nervous. She feels excited to meet Naksh. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani give a special message to Kirti. Rajshri compliments Kirti. The women tell Kirti about Akshara, who wanted to sing a song for her bahu. They all wish the song for Kirti, and make her feel special. Goenkas are happy that Kirti is receiving much love and good wishes from her inlaws.

Singhanias and Maheshwaris have a unique way to tell Kirti how to stay in inlaws. They sing the song and give tips to Kirti. They pamper Kirti. They say how they will welcome their princess. On the other hand, Kartik gets bowled over by Naira’s beauty. They compliment each other. They have a romantic moment. Meanwhile, Naksh goes missing. The families get tensed when groom disappears. Aryan tells Kartik that he has seen Naksh going out. Naira and Kartik get Naksh back. Aryan will be helping Kartik in getting Naksh. Aryan will secure his place in Goenka house. Aryan’s truth will be coming out soon.


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