Naira and Kartik to have a clash in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira's big surprise for Kartik

Yeh Rishta brings the marriage of Naksh and Kirti. The moment gets special. The time for Jaimala comes. Naksh and Kirti were waiting for the moment. Kartik tells Naksh that he has kept the Jaimala safe, and he has worked hard to get it. Kartik has kept the varmala in refrigerator, which gets frozen. The twist calls for a laugh. Kartik tries to get the garlands out from the ice. He tries to melt the ice. They all ask how will they make Naksh and Kirti exchange frozen garlands. They laugh on Kartik’s stupidity to hide garlands in the freezer. The moment becomes memorable. Naira solves the problem.

Naira gets the garlands and gives to Naksh and Kirti. The couple exchanges Jaimala. Naira fears Naksh will not take the wedding pheras without Naitik around. Everyone thinks Naitik is not able to come, as he has to attend court hearing. Kartik thinks Naitik’s absence is bothering Naksh. He shares this with the family. Naira takes Naksh from the stage. She wants to talk to him about his feelings for Kirti. Naira asks Naksh not to marry if he doesn’t love Kirti. She asks Naksh to get clear of his feelings, before proceeding. She doesn’t want Naksh to sacrifice his happiness. Naira and Kartik will be having a fight, as Kartik will know about Naksh’s unwillingness for marriage.



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