Vidyut to crop new problems for Neil-Avni in Naamkarann


Avni has left the house, while Neil is trying to find Juhi’s daughter. Their problems will get high with Vidyut’s entry. Neil and Neela read Avni’s letter and cries. Neil tells Neela that he is going to find Juhi’s daughter, he has got the info about her. Neela gets upset with him. She thinks he doesn’t care for Avni, Juhi was his first love but the truth is Avni is his wife, she is his present.

Neil tells her that he knows Avni is in Goa and she is sensible enough to manage, but its important for her to find the girl. He asks her to think about Juhi being a mum. He explains her that she is an ideal mum for Avni and Aman. Neela refuses to become any example if her daughter’s life is getting ruined. She tells him that she is selfish when its about Avni’s right and happiness. Neil tells her that he owes a responsibility towards Juhi and its his duty to find the girl. He assures that he will always give his wife’s status and rights to Avni. Vidyut will be making a negative entry. He will be bringing problems in Neil and Avni’s life.



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