Karwachauth twist: Shorvori collapses in Dil Se Dil Tak


Shorvori gets critical. She collapses in front of Teni. Parth has no idea about Shorvori’s illness. Even then, he senses she is in problem when she falls unconscious. Shorvori is bearing much emotional stress, along with the deadly illness. She couldn’t handle things in time. Parth’s love for her has become a weakness. Shorvori has kept the fast for Parth. Just Teni knows this truth. Shorvori has created hatred for her in everyone’s hearts. Bhanushalis pity for Parth, knowing what tough phase his marriage is going through.

Doctor advised Shorvori not to keep the fast in such a state, but she goes ahead to pray for Parth’s long life and fasts for him. She doesn’t take medicines. She faints because of her fast. Parth is hopeful that Shorvori will come back to him some day. Shorvori falls on the bed. Teni gets worried seeing her. She calls the doctor. She asks the doctor the necessary first aid to relieve Shorvori’s conditions. Doctor guides Teni. Teni tries to help Shorvori by following the instructions.



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