Raman gets doubtful about Adi in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita explains Ruhi about live in. Ruhi lies to the family as she feels hesitant to share about her live in decision. Ishita asks her to take the right decision by understanding that she knows she is wrong, so she is not able to tell everyone. Ruhi accepts she is against the live in with Nikhil. She changes her mind. She doesn’t want to make her family upset. She tells Ishita that she can’t ruin the family respect. Ishita feels proud of Ruhi once again.

Nikhil sounds confident that Ruhi will leave her family and come to stay with him in a live in relationship. He tells Parmeet that Ruhi will come soon. Ruhi comes to meet Nikhil to tell him about her decision. Nikhil gives her the good news of getting a flat. She apologizes to him and refuses to shift with him. She tells him that she can’t put her family respect at stake. She asks him to marry her, if he really loves her, as live in won’t give any happiness.

Ruhi asks Nikhil to respect her decision. Nikhil agrees to her decision. Raman learns Ruhi’s decision. He gets emotional. He is glad that Ruhi’s problem got solved. He tells Ishita about Adi’s affair with Pooja. Ishita doesn’t believe him. Parmeet shocks the Bhallas by sending a man to inform about Ruhi and Nikhil taking a flat for a live in. Mrs. Bhalla doesn’t take the news well and faints by the shock. Simmi blames Raman and Ishita for her state. She tells them what has affected their mum. Ishita clears Ruhi’s name from the matter. The family fight upsets the elders.

Ishita confronts Simmi for telling Mrs. Bhalla about Ruhi. She asks Simmi to answer why is she playing with Ruhi. Raman supports Ishita. Adi learns about Mrs. Bhalla’s critical state. Raman confronts him about his whereabouts. Ishita asks Raman not to worry for Adi, things may not be as they are thinking. She suspects Parmeet is behind the drama. Raman just thinks for Adi’s rocking marriage. Ishita asks him not to worry, she will deal with Adi.


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