Shivika to learn a pleasant truth in Ishqbaaz


The flight is about to crash. Anika tells Shivay that they will live and die together. The passengers panic knowing the flight has no pilot to rescue them. Bhavya protects Rudra. He asks her why is she doing this when he has done wrong with her. She tells him that she will always be with him, she will protect him. Everyone finds a solution to wear parachutes and jump down the aircraft. Shivay is sure that Rudra will be safe if Bhavya is with him.

Shivay worries for Anika’s life. He makes her promise that nothing will happen to her. Anika asks him not to worry. Shivay and Anika jump down the aircraft. Anika gets injured. Shivay loses his cool on seeing her unconscious. He panics fearing to lose her. He shouts out his love for Anika. Anika gets conscious by his tear. Shivay gets happy that she is fine. He tells her how much worried he was. He cares for her wounds. He admits what he went through thinking she left him. Anika tells him that she can never leave him. Shivay and Anika make their vows of love. They try to get out of the jungle. Shivay tries to know the culprit behind the fire incident. He doesn’t know if his family is involved in the incident. Anika asks him to be hopeful.

Rudra gets happy that he is alive and fine, all thanks to Bhavya. He gets grateful to her. They have a romantic moment. Bhavya suggests they can find the way together. Rudra takes it on his ego and asks her if she means he is a kiddo. Bhavya tells him that they should be together so that they can reach home soon. He refuses to take his help, feeling Bhavya is eager to meet her husband.

Rudra tries to manage himself alone. He falls in trouble. He shouts for Bhavya. She makes him request her for help. Rudra requests her. Bhavya helps him out. She doesn’t clear his misunderstandings. Rudra cares for Bhavya, which makes her happy. She forgets all his foolishness and humiliating remarks.

Shivay feels the day is really bad, as they got stuck in the jungle. He feels sorry that he can’t arrange any medical aid or necessities for Anika. Anika tells him to see the place, which happens to be beautiful if seen in a different way. They have romance. They revive their old memories. Tej is mistaken that they have destroyed all the evidences. Abhay checks the tapes to view the evidence. He finds the tapes damaged. Shivay learns his family is innocent, but someone is trapping them in the fire incident. He tries to find out the person framing his family to ruin the Oberoi empire. Shivay and Anika get happy that their trust on their family didn’t break. They try to know who is having enmity with their elders. Will they find out Abhay? Keep reading.


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