Anami to receive a shocking news in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Dadi, Satrupa and Anami welcome the Durga Maa home. Dheeru graces the occasion along with his children. Satrupa introduces Anami to Dheeru. He tells Satrupa that he has met her before and knows she is the best deserving candidate to become the heir. Dada ji wants Avdhoot to do the aarti. Pujan gets happy.

Dadi argues and asks Anami to do the aarti, as she has placed the idol home. She doesn’t want Avdhoot to be declared as the heir. Pujan gets upset with Dadi’s decision. Anami does the aarti puja. Sudha aims to make an entry in Lal Mahal. She tells Narottam that the right time for her entry has come. She is very happy that Anami believes her. Anami dances post the Durga puja. Satrupa tells Dada ji that even Durga Maa wants them to see Anami as the heir. She asks him to realize Anami’s efforts. She tells him that Anami is the future of Lal Mahal. Dada ji tells them that he will give a fair chance to Anami, but he knows they can’t make Anami away from her roots in Banaras. He tells Dadi that nothing will change even if he obeys them. He believes Anami will leave whenever she wants.

Avdhoot likes Tania and doesn’t get scared of Adhiraj. Anami asks Adhiraj and Tania to come for the dance. Dheeru supports Dadi and Satrupa, and tells Dada ji that he has seen Anami’s real talents. He asks Dada ji to believe in Anami, who understands the common people’s pain by her heart. Baldev gets opposing Dheeru. On Dheeru’s saying, Dada ji agrees to test Anami and see if she qualifies to become their heir. Anami and Adhiraj dance to pay tribute to Durga Maa. Pujan gets insecure seeing Anami. He feels he has underestimated Anami. Anami receives a shocking news about Sudha. Narottam tells her that Sudha has run away. Sudha acts to commit suicide and gets sympathy from Anami.


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