Omkara and Gauri’s confrontation moment in Ishqbaaz


Anika gets touched by Shivay’s surprise. He promises a happy future to her. He tells her that he will fulfill all her wishes even if it gets late. He wants to make new memories with her. Anika and Shivay have a moment of love and romance. He confesses love to her and tells her that he is no more shy. The Oberois play a truth and dare game. They all have fun and celebrate Diwali in their unique way. Bhavya and Rudra have a cute moment. She scares him showing a fake bomb which happens to be a popper. Rudra gets kiddish again. Shivay and Anika ask Omkara about Gauri. They expect Omkara to tell them the truth. Omkara reveals that Gauri is marrying someone else, she no longer loves him, as he didn’t value her love ever. He tells them that he has lost Gauri and her love. Shivay asks him not to lose courage. Rudra asks him to clear misunderstanding. They all decide to help Omkara and stop Gauri-Ajay’s marriage.

Gauri doesn’t want to get related to Ajay. She gets helpless to marry Ajay for her friend’s sake. She plans to avoid the marriage and run away after her friend gets married.

Omkara returns in her life as Dilpreet. He asks her why is she marrying Ajay. They both have an indirect talk. He tells her that he has a surprise for her. He asks her to meet his family. He introduces his unique family, with everyone in disguise. Gauri gets to meet Shivay, Rudra, Anika and Bhavya. She doesn’t recognize them. The Ishqbaaz dance in the function. Anika surprises everyone by her stunning dance moves. Gauri learns about Omkara. She scolds him for trying to spoil her life again. She asks him to stop his drama. He tells her that he has come back in her life since he realized her importance. He confesses love to her. He apologizes to her. He asks her how could she go ahead to marry someone, he can’t tolerate this. He wants to take her back as his wife.


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