Anjali to divorce Sameer in Sasural Simar Ka


Sanjana and Sameer have celebrations for their anniversary. Anjali comes home from hospital. Police asks Anjali for her statement. Anjali tells inspector that she doesn’t remember anything, she can’t take stress at this time. She thanks Piyush for getting her home. Simar tells Anjali that she is much happy with her return. She hugs Anjali. Anjali too stays as a loving and obedient daughter. She apologizes to Simar for her mistakes.

Simar forgives her. She asks Anjali to forget all the annoyances. Anjali tells Sanjana and Sameer that none can come between them now. She unites them. Sanjana is happy with Anjali’s behavior. They thank Anjali for having a big heart. Anjali decides to divorce Sameer. She tells Mata ji and Simar that she wants to stay with family, she will manage family and relations. She wants to spend good time with everyone. The family rejoices on Anjali’s return. Sameer is happy that Anjali doesn’t want to create any problems for him. He feels Anjali has changed and realized the importance of family.



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