High Five Spoilers

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Dil Se Dil Tak: Parth takes Shorvori’s funeral to do final rites. Its a tough moment for him. He sheds tears of pain. Teni supports Parth and tells him that she will also come along. She tells Parth that she also had a strong bond with Shorvori. Teni insists everyone to allow her. Parth takes Teni along. Parth does the fines rites rituals. He gives fire to the pyre. Parth senses Shorvori is with him. Teni pulls him back from getting burnt by the fire. She hugs Parth and cries. Parth’s love makes him sense Shorvori around. Everyone consoles him.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:

Naina is lost in Sameer’s thoughts. She calls him and plays a sweet song. He gets annoyed and disconnects the call. Naina dances hearing the song. Their cute fights start. She tries to make up to him. Her uncle tells the children that if someone’s upbringing is different, its not necessary that he is wrong, we shouldn’t judge anyone by upbringing, person’s good values and behavior should be seen. Naina hears him. He says person’s heart and thinking should be good, their manners show the upbringing. Naina thinks of Sameer. She agrees with her uncle.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Sanjana is stuck in a strange situation. She is experiencing strange things. The family doesn’t believe her. Sanjana cries and asks them to believe her, she is not getting mad. Sameer consoles her. Sanjana is upset as no one is believing her. She says everyone feels I m not mentally fine, but I m not mad. Sameer promises to support her always. He explains her that doctor can cure if they have any illness. He convinces her for meeting doctor once, when we get ill, just doctor can diagnose it. Sanjana takes some rest. She tells him that she is not feeling well. He gets food for her. He feeds her fruits. She gets more dizzy after having the apple. Sameer gets worried.

Neil and Avni are trying to workout their plan. They try to fool Vidyut by keeping a dummy in Mishti’s place. Avni hides Mishti from Vidyut. Neil keeps the dummy, while Avni leaves with Mishti. Vidyut gets busy in his work. They succeed to leave from the casino. Mishti was refusing to go with Avni. Avni convinces her by telling that she will take her to some place where everyone loves her. Mishti is scared of Vidyut. Avni pacifies her. She says everyone will give her dolls and allow her to play freely. Mishti’s birth truth will be coming out.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Kanak becomes strong contender for Maasi. She wants to teach Maasi a lesson. She has played a move. She has laid a trap for Maasi. She knows how to expose Maasi. She asks pandit to stop puja. Uma stops Kanak. Kanak tells Maasi that she wants Aditya’s Mukti puja to happen. She explains Uma her motives behind the puja. She says if Aditya was alive, he would have not stayed without Maasi. Uma says Mukti puja won’t happen, Aditya is alive, Maasi always followed Dharm, Lord can’t punish her by snatching her love. Kanak explains Uma that if he has belief that Aditya is alive, she will believe him and respect his sentiments, but they should try to find Aditya and get him home, maybe he is helpless or caught up in problems, we have to reach him and unite him with Maasi.

Tu Aashiqui:

Sheetal, Anita, Aparna and others apply the haldi to Vikram and Richa. The haldi ritual goes on. Pankti thinks of Ahaan. She is falling in love with Ahaan. Purva asks Pankti is she finding Ahaan. Pankti denies it. Purva says I got my answer. Aparna hears their conversation and smiles understanding Pankti loves Ahaan. Pankti is worried and senses that JD is around. She is not sure of JD’s presence. She doesn’t get to see Ahaan. She misses him.


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