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Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi: Prem gets Preeti at gun point. Prem has learnt that Preeti has kept the bomb in Dharam’s car. She accepts her crime. She plays a move. She keeps Mami at knife point. Prem smartly counters her. He saves Mami and catches Preeti. Tejaswini wanted to stop Prem, knowing Preeti is very clever. Dharam has gone and his family started breaking. The mourning ceremony gets much upsetting drama. Preeti will not lose so soon. She wants to take revenge for her insult.

Meri Durga:

Durga manages to save the evidence from Neelkant. She records Gayatri and Neelkant’s confession. She meets Sanjay and reveals the horrible truth of his parents. Sanjay can’t believe his parents have hurt Durga so much. They get a shock knowing about the danger on Durga’s family. Durga gets stuck in new problem. Some goons kidnap Yashpal and Annapurna. She goes to police station and complains against Gayatri. Sanjay doesn’t get back knowing the truth. She tells him that his parents have done this and they should be punished. Sanjay supports her.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Maasi talks to Aditya in darkness. Kanak sends Uma to her room so that Uma sees Aditya himself. Maasi sees Uma coming. She sends Aditya out. Maasi acts wise. She sits reading Ramayan in front of Uma. Uma doesn’t learn her truth. Maasi and Kanak have an argument. They challenge each other. Maasi tries to make Aditya hide. Maasi shuts down the lights to save Aditya from getting sighted by Uma. Kanak tries to catch Aditya. She sees Aditya and follows him. Aditya runs away. Aditya doesn’t want to return home. He can’t live a simple life. He doesn’t want to get controlled by Uma. Aditya lives free and wants his life to be comfortable.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Pragya keeps Karwachauth fast for Abhi. Tanu tells Pragya that its just her right on Abhi. She scolds Pragya for claiming rights on Abhi. Pragya slaps Tanu and answers Tanu. She accepts she loves Abhi and she will stay with Abhi forever. Tanu tells her that she will ruin her happiness. Tanu wants to tell Abhi about Munni, who is cheating him by staying as Pragya.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Roshni and Anjali have an argument. Roshni doubts Anjali didn’t change and she is still evil. She tells everyone that Anjali bribed the doctor to make Sanjana mad. She sees Anjali with the doctor. She doubts on Anjali’s intentions. She confronts Anjali. She says I have seen Anjali paying the doctor, she is making Sanjana mad, she is cheating us by acting good. She tells Simar that Anjali is jealous of Sanjana.


Kartik and Naira get into an argument. The kids gets troubled seeing their fight. Kartik asks kids to learn project making by Naira, as she knows the best. Naira tells the kids that Kartik is not making the project well. Their big fight is resolved, but the arguments are going on. Naksh has hurt Kirti’s heart. This is affecting even Kaira. Naksh hasn’t tell any truth to Kirti. She has learnt it from Kartik. Since then, she gets depressed and plans to get away from the family.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Adhiraj gets caring for Devi. She takes the fruits for him. He thanks her for all her care. She gets to see his new side. He is not able to understand what he has in heart. He has given her a wound in anger. Still she is being the same. He feels guilty for burning her back in anger. He can’t meet eyes with her. He regrets for his big mistake. He sees her wound and feels the pain. He is falling in love with her. Devi has fed him the food on Maasa’s orders. They have a moment. Devi will soon transform Adhiraj by her love. Devi gets to know a big truth about Adhiraj. She gets determined to win. Adhiraj cries for Devi’s pain. He feels he has done a big crime.


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