Aaliya and Tanu frame Pragya badly in Kumkum Bhagya


Tanu gets Munni’s relatives to expose Munni. She wants to use the kids against Pragya. She reveals to Abhi that Munni is acting as Pragya to be with him. She wants to break Pragya’s fast and relation with Abhi. Tanu sees Abhi and Pragya having romance while breaking their Karwachauth fast. She interrupts them by sending the kids to Pragya. Tanu shockingly spoils Pragya’s moment.

Pragya learns Munni were finding the kids, who was kept away by Tanu. She has to protect them, as she has promised Munni of doing so. Aaliya and Tanu reveal about Munni’s truth. Aaliya tells Dadi that since they learnt Munni’s truth, she wanted everyone to know it. She exposes Munni. Abhi asks Pragya the truth, why are the kids calling her Maasi. He worriedly asks the truth. Pragya falls in huge trap.


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