High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Adhiraj waits for his success. He wonders if he will be paid for his bad deeds. He feels guilty of torturing Devi. Urmi and Maasa try to harm Devi by igniting the cracker bomb near her face. Devi begs them to leave her. Kesar calls Kakusa and informs about Devi. Kakusa gets worried for Devi. He asks Bua to take him to Adhiraj’s house. He wants to get Devi back. Maasa insults Kakusa and Bua who come home to meet Devi. Maasa doesn’t want Adhiraj to go against her at any cost. Adhiraj yells on her that he never did anything against her for enemy’s daughter, but he has given Devi the wound on her saying. He regrets to follow Maasa’s instructions and punish Devi. Devi stops Maasa from humiliating her family. Devi gets food for Adhiraj to his office. Adhiraj asks her why did she come. Devi tells her that its her duty to take care of his diet. Adhiraj eats the food. He finds it much spicy. Devi gives him water. Adhiraj thinks he is lucky to get a wife like Devi.

Kundali Bhagya:
Preeta feels guilty that she had convinced Rishabh for marrying Sherlyn. She wants Sherlyn’s truth to come out, so that Rishabh breaks the engagement. Preeta thanks Karan for supporting her in exposing Sherlyn’s truth. Karan flirts with her. They have a cute argument.


Harak and Harman have a dangerous drama. They both show their angry side. Harman argues with Harak for Preeto’s sake. Harman points the gun at Mohini and threatens to kill her. Harak points gun at himself and tells Harman that he will kill himself and then Preeto will turn into a widow. He emotionally threatens them. He says Mohini will never go anywhere, Mohini is your new mum, you should respect her. He asks Harman to remember he is standing in his house and he can’t do anything. Harman is fighting for Preeto’s rights and marriage.

Obros reach Goa for some fun. They dance with a girl. They show their colorful avatar. They don’t have any tension of their partners and family. They have a party. They become the girl’s target. They get a shock when they wake up in morning and find themselves tied up. The girl robs them and runs away. They don’t remember what happened the last night. They got drunk in the party. They didn’t know the dance fun will cost them trouble. On the other hand, Anika and Gauri have complete belief in their husbands. They don’t know what the boys are doing in Goa.


Raj and Mannu learn about Jagan’s involvement in Chandar’s plan to spread the epidemic in the village. They learn Jagan has taken the medicines from the chemist shop. Mannu tells Raj that they have to find the medicines before Chandar becomes a life saver for the villagers. She doesn’t want Chandar to come out of the jail. Jagan and Chandar have plans to rule the village. Amba feels she has failed to keep her promise of securing women and kids.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Pragya takes care of the kids, related to Munni. She tries to reach Munni to inform her about the kids. She wishes once Munni comes home and tells the truth, Aaliya and Tanu’s plan will fail. Munni meets with an accident. Pragya fails to contact her. Abhi questions Pragya if Tanu is saying true about her identity. Tanu tells Abhi that Munni can’t answer him now, knowing she is badly trapped in her own web. Abhi finds hard to believe this. He asks Pragya to answer everyone. Pragya gets speechless. Tanu tries to instigate them more. Abhi doesn’t want to hear anything against Pragya. Tanu challenges Pragya. She says I have answered your challenge, when you said Abhi can never be mine. She asks Pragya/Munni to be careful, as she will be exposed in no time and then Abhi will not leave her. She says I will have fun seeing your humiliation in front of everyone.


Ranvijay learns Chakor is hiding Suraj in the house. He threatens to kill Chakor. He gets angry on her. He asks her where is Suraj, what’s her plan. He threatens his family and limits them by fear again. Chakor doesn’t gets scared of him. She argues with him. He angrily shoots on her arm. Chakor gets wounded. He stops his family from helping Chakor. Preeti takes a stand for Chakor. Ranvijay threatens to kill her. They beg him to let them do aid to Chakor. They agree to tell them their plan. Ranvijay allows them to do the aid and come back within ten minutes. Suraj has gone to the police with the evidence. He doesn’t know Ranvijay has hurt Chakor.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Mandira is acting of love with Anant, while he is in true love with her. The family celebrates. They have a couple dance in the engagement function. Vijay arrives late in the function. Anant hugs him. He says I m upset with you, you came late. Vijay says I have to tell you something important. Vijay wants to tell Anant about Mandira’s drama. Anant tells Vijay that he is going to propose Mandira and confess love to her. Vijay tries to stop him. Mandira feels guilty of using Anant’s emotions. Mandira runs away from the engagement. Anant gets a shock. He runs after her to know the matter. Mandira reaches Vijay. Vijay will be telling Anant about Mandira and his love.

Dil Dhoondta Hai:

Raavi gets in trouble when she is asked to cook north indian food. She doesn’t know any rituals. She finds tough to understand the things. Raavi praises her family. Rishi’s mum asks her to forget her family and focus on kitchen work. Raavi and Rishi have a romantic moment. Rishi helps Raavi in work. He pampers her.

Ek Deewana Tha:
Sharanya is followed by Shiv’s spirit. She falls in a risky situation again. Sharanya tries to understand what’s happening with her. A tree falls over her, while she walks lost. Vyom learns Sharanya has gone out. Vyom reaches Sharanya in time. He saves her. Shiv witnesses everything. He continues to haunt her. Sharanya recalls the accident and tries to think if she has killed anyone. Vyom doesn’t believe Sharanya has any supernatural power or spirit in her life. Sharanya senses someone’s presence around her all the time. Shiv’s spirit keeps a watch on her.


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