Juhi to hurt Avni’s emotions in Naamkarann

Naamkarann serial

Mishti runs away from Juhi. She hugs Avni and tells her that she regards her as mother. Avni and Neil pacify Mishti. Juhi gets angry on Avni. She takes Mishti from them. She asks them to be away from her daughter. She apologizes to them. She tells them that they didn’t think of Mishti while planning to arrest Vidyut. She says I have told Mishti that I m her mum, since she is hearing about the paternity test talks happening in the house. Neil asks Juhi not to create an issue. Mishti faints by fear. Juhi scolds Avni for planning the test without asking her. She says I m Mishti’s mum, you should have asked me once, see you have done this with Mishti, you have scared her. She asks Neil to know what can Vidyut do with them.

Vidyut has threatened Bebe and swapped the DNA reports. Vidyut wants to take revenge from them. Bebe gets a DNA report and proves Mishti is Neil and Juhi’s child. Neil and Avni shower love on Mishti. They tell some story to Mishti and hug her. Avni gets close to Neil, while spending some happy moments.

Mishti tells them that she always wants to live with her angel and superman. Juhi sees their happy family and gets jealous. Avni doesn’t want Juhi to misunderstand her. She feels bad when her intentions are doubted. She recalls Neela and sees her picture. Neil doesn’t want Avni to have an emotional breakdown. Neil timely boosts Avni’s confidence. Avni shares her emotions with Neil. She tells Neil that she is worried for Mishti. She says I don’t want to become her mum, but I want her life to get better, she has learnt that word ‘illegitimate’.

She tells him that Mishti shouldn’t tolerate all that which she has gone through, Mishti will lose her childhood and innocence. She says Mishti will learn more wrong things, and then her happiness will be ruined. She tells Neil that she wants to make Mishti’s life better like Neela made her life better by selfless love. Neil consoles Avni.

Neil is also worried thinking Juhi is reacting strangely. He didn’t know Juhi will do such things. He tells Avni that Juhi was not such before. He asks her to take care of Mishti, and not think that anything wrong will happen with her. He asks her to just look after Mishti as Neela did for her. He wants Avni to be strong. Bebe has scolded Avni, asking her not to interfere between Mishti and Juhi. Avni is very upset that Neil didn’t support her. Bebe wants everyone to remember that Mishti is Juhi’s daughter. She didn’t let Neil speak out. Neil doesn’t know how things changed in family. Bebe’s motives behind supporting Juhi will be known to Neil and Avni soon.