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Sasural Simar Ka: Mata ji makes a big announcement in the house. Anjali gets very happy when Mata ji favors her and takes a big decision for her future. Anjali hears Mata ji and Simar’s conversation. Mata ji tells Simar that they should hand over the house keys to Anjali, she is capable to look after all the responsibilities, they can’t depend on Sanjana and Roshni after whatever happened. She says I believe in Anjali more than Sanjana and Roshni, we should start depending on her now. Simar agrees with Mata ji.


Bebe is annoyed with Neil. She does puja, but doesn’t bless Neil when he tells her that he is going to arrest Vidyut. Juhi plays her new game. She tells Neil that she wants to come along and help him nab Vidyut. She tells everyone that she can’t sit back and hide at home. She shows her brave side to them. Avni finds Bebe worried. She asks the reason. She says Bebe is much strong, there has to be some reason behind this tension. Neil gets surprised seeing Juhi’s courage. Bebe doesn’t want Neil to go and arrest Vidyut. She is not able to tell him the truth.


Anika and Shivay have an argument. She tells Shivay that he did wrong to get Shwetlana home. She says I will not get quiet, what will you do. She asks him to share the problem. He angrily throws a jewelry. She gets angry and throws more boxes. They show tashan to each other. Shivay knows to settle the arguments with love. He romances her to calm her anger.

Ayushaman Bhava:
Krish tells Samaira what Vikrant has done with Sudhir. He acts that he is very much scared seeing Sudhir’s state. He tells her that she should drop their plan to elope. Samaira gets warned by Vikrant again. Krish gets glad seeing Vikrant doubting on Samaira again. He thinks of breaking their relation. Maai asks Vikrant to keep an eye on Krishna. She gets doubtful and kidnaps Krish to get the answers out.

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya:
Rahul reveals the night’s happenings at the temple to Namrata. She decides to support him. Thakur asks Rahul and Preeti to leave from the village. Rahul gets his bags packed, setting his mind to drop his fight against blind beliefs. Namrata stops Rahul from leaving. She asks Thakur to let Rahul stay back, since he is innocent. She asks Thakur not to threaten Rahul about the angry villagers. Shakti Devi makes an entry in the village, and stops Rahul and Preeti from leaving. She stands against Thakur. Rahul gets curious to know about Shakti Devi, who is related to Thakur. Lakhan gets the order to kill Rahul. Gauri gets upset with Rahul. Namrata tries to make them bond again, knowing Rahul is a true person. Gauri and Rahul sort their differences.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Devi cares for Adhiraj. Adhiraj wakes up and finds Devi. They have a cute moment, which breaks by someone’s entry. Sharad pulls Adhiraj’s leg. He asks Adhiraj to recover soon, as he can see the romance working better than medicines. Adhiraj and Devi feel awkward.

Woh Apna Sa:
Jia tries her best to convince Arjun that he is Aditya, and he shouldn’t be at Nisha’s service. Arjun gets the past flashes. He visits the temple. He recalls how Nisha has killed Aditya and Jhanvi. Jia puts her life in risk to make Aditya learn the reason for his rebirth. Jia’s efforts finally pay off. Arjun rages for revenge. He doesn’t want to spare Nisha. He learns the entire truth of his past life. He understands Jia was right to tell him about Nisha’s evil. Arjun remembers how Nisha has killed Jhanvi and him. Arjun promises to expose Nisha’s crimes and get her punished. Arjun joins Jia and Kakimaa in their fight.

Laado 2:

Anushka and Yuvraaj try to find clues to find Jhanvi’s murderer. She is working hard to get any info possible. She tries everything to make people speak out the culprit’s name. Anushka gets threatened by the shop owner. She gets scared thinking the shop owner will call those murderers. Yuvraaj supports Anushka. They both have an argument. He also wants the culprit to get punished. He doesn’t know about his brother’s crime. Amma ji misses Jhanvi. She sees Jhanvi everywhere. She starts planning to take revenge for Jhanvi’s murder. Yuvraaj protects Anushka, even when their perspectives are very different.

Mannu gets saddened that Amba doesn’t have complete belief in her. She asks Amba to act like a strong woman and support her in this tough time. Amba gets puzzled on learning about Raj and Mannu’s plans. She doesn’t know who is playing the game. Chandar cleverly traps Amba in his words. Amba really thinks Mannu has become a target of Bajwa family. She gets protective about Mannu. Chandar keeps his promise to Amba and separates Mannu and Raj. He kills the village sarpanch to get Raj framed in the murder case. Mannu realizes Raj has got trapped by Chandar. Raj lends his support to Mannu and encourages her to go ahead for the village elections, even if she has no one by her side to support. He tells her that just her victory can make things fine for everyone.

Badho Bahu:
Badho will be facing the wrestling champ Babita. Badho is fighting for her husband Lucky. She gets trained by Lucky and his dad. Badho gets supported by them. Badho gets ready and enters the wrestling ground to achieve victory. She has much pressure on her. She knows her failure would make Lucky out of the village. Badho has belief that everything will get fine.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Ratan tries to apologize to Diya. He realizes his mistake. He acknowledges Diya’s round the clock alertness and efforts to protect him. He writes a sorry note for her. She gets the note and looks for him. He couldn’t express himself. She asks him what did he write on the chit. He says you are educated, you can read it. She tells him that the chit has gone away, if he has come, he can tell her himself. She understands he wants to say sorry. She shows her smartness. He says I understood you won’t agree without hearing it from me. He apologizes and says I will not do any mistake again.


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