Yeh Rishta: Naksh and Kirti to turn informal


Naksh and Kirti give a small reception to Kartik and Naira. KaiRa celebrates their reception with some private time. They have a romantic moment. Naksh and Kirti also have their romantic time. Naksh prepares food for Kirti. Kirti asks Naksh to stop being formal. She tells him that she likes him a lot, and she totally trusts him. She asks him to be like before, totally carefree. She wants Naksh whom she fell in love with. She tries to bond with Naksh. Naksh keeps aside the formalities.

Dadi shares the problem with Rajshri. She tells about Kartik landing in the bribe case. Rajshri knows Kartik is innocent. She gives courage to Dadi. They are sure that Kartik will prove his innocent. Kartik tries to keep Naira away from troubles.

Manish and Akhilesh try their best to find the person behind the case. They wonder someone has done a big plotting against Kartik and this can’t happen without any enmity. Aryan alerts the police about Kartik. Kartik becomes wanted. He escapes from police. He lies to Naira about a surprise and takes her away. Naksh and Kirti come close while they are on a city tour. Kartik learns the matter has got serious, as Greece police also got involved. Manish learns the problems for increasing. Goenkas worry for Kartik. Dadi asks Manish to do something and protect Kartik. Manish and Akhilesh use their contacts to provide help to Kartik.


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