Shagun gets doubtful about Ishita’s plan in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shagun returns; New twists ahead

Raman feels Ishita is mad to challenge him in business, knowing he is the best. Simmi alerts him about the problems. Romi tells Raman and Simmi that Ishita is right about the penalty rules if they breach the contract. Raman wants to answer Ishita. Romi asks Raman not to hate Ishita. Ishita wants to make a relation with Raman by hatred. Mani and Shagun get to see Ishita’s news. They get upset with Ishita’s challenge for Raman. Shagun understands Ishita did the same before and this looks some of her planning. She is sure that Ishita can’t put Raman into losses. Shagun goes to meet Raman to calm down his anger. Raman faces a women protest.

He feels he has witnessed the moment before. Ishita tries to make Raman remember their past. She makes an appearance and angers him more. Ishita asks the ladies to leave the protests and let Raman have some left over respect with him. Raman asks Ishita how can she target him. He tells Ishita that he will never tolerate anyone hurting his family. Ishita feels sorry to hurt them. She wants Raman’s memories to come back. Shagun tries to ask Ishita her plans. She assures to help her in her plans. She tells Ishita that she knows why the incidents are repeated in front of Raman. She wants to hear it from Ishita.

Ishita doesn’t answer her anything. She asks Shagun not to get in his matter. Raman asks Shagun to tell him if he knows Ishita. He gets panicking to know his past. Shagun sees his tensed situation. She lies to him about Ishita. She tells him that they know Ishita since she became their investor. Ishita and Aaliya try to scare the tenants and make them leave the flat. Ishita is sure that tenants will surely vacate the flat now. The tenants think the house is not right for them. They agree to leave the flat. Ishita succeeds in her plan. She turns into Raman’s neighbor like before. Simmi warns Ishita to stay away from Bhallas. She vows to not let Raman and Ishita unite. Ishita sees her confidence and understands that Simmi has switched the medicines again. She fears Raman will never regain his memory if Simmi does such things.


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