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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:
Ratan goes to help Diya and acts filmi. Diya gets ready for the party. Ratan helps her. He adores Diya’s beauty. He gives her a compliment. He gets hit by her hair. He asks is this his punishment for complimenting her. She is not used to hear such compliments and reacts impulsively. They see the family and hug to play the love drama. It gets tough for them to act to be in love. Yash gets a doubt that Diya and Ratan are doing a drama. He asks Ratan how did this love happen and when. Ratan and Diya worry to answer Yash. Ratan tells Yash that he didn’t plan to love Diya, but it just happened. He gives a chocolate to Diya. Yash congratulates Ratan for his relationship.

Preeto weeps and realizes her mistakes. She repents for hurting Soumya so much. Soumya feeds her food and cares for her. Preeto gets emotional. She has done a lot to trouble Soumya and make her away from Harman. Soumya shows a big heart. She takes care of all of Preeto’s needs. Soumya tries to cheer Preeto. She tells her that she always expected to have a good mother in law and Mata Rani answered her prayers by giving Preeto to her.


Chakor kills Bhaiya ji to end his evil. Chakor gets arrested for the crime. Chakor faces the court hearing. She is accused for the murder. Kasturi and Bhuvan try to take the blame on them to save Chakor. Suraj gets angry when Chakor accepts the crime blame and also the punishment. Suraj loses cool and asks Chakor how can she leave him alone. He doesn’t want Chakor to go jail.


Manish starts loving Aryan. He wants to make his son’s life better. Kartik tells Manish that Suwarna has lied to him with the hope that her lie will make everything fine, she didn’t wish Manish’s love to get divided. Manish tells Aryan that he will try to become a dutiful from now on, he will not forgive Suwarna. Manish is not able to understand Suwarna’s pain. Kartik tries hard to make Manish understand that Suwarna made the sacrifice to bring them closer. Aryan gets Goenkas’ name and property. The family gets divided into two halves, while Manish supports Aryan and Kartik supports Suwarna.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Parth asks Teni to leave from the house. He pays her for the surrogacy. Teni refuses to leave. He tries explaining Parth that she loves the baby, this is not just a deal. Parth wants to keep Teni away from his daughter. He doesn’t listen to her.


Susheel and Satya play Dandiya in the college fest. Satya is trapping her in love. Susheel wears feminine clothes for the first time, though her mannerisms remain tomboyish. Satya controls his laughter seeing her bindaas dance. Satya tells her that he is feeling something for her. He compliments her beauty. Susheel gets happy. She doesn’t know what’s his real motives. Satya wants to break her heart and win the bet. Susheel falls for Satya. Leela wears a horse costume to enter the fest and keep an eye on Satya. She is doubting that Satya is falling for Susheel. She stays close to them. She learns Satya has gifted the dress, bangles and jewelry to Susheel. Susheel thanks Satya for his efforts. Satya expresses love for Susheel. Leela witnesses this.

Kundali Bhagya:
Preeta gets suspicious about Prithvi. He tries to kill Janki. Prithvi fails in his plan and gets caught by Preeta and Shrishti. Everyone thinks he is a thief and beats him much. Prithvi tries to hide his identity from them. He bears all the beatings. Meanwhile, Sameer dreams of Shrishti. He wants to clear the air of Shrishti and his love story. He doesn’t want to get married to Shrishti.

Piyaa Albela:

Pooja troubles Kusum. She gets on the fan and asks Kusum to catch her. Her immature behavior irks Kusum to the core. Kusum calls the mental hospital doctor to catch Pooja and take her for the treatment. Pooja doesn’t want to go to mental hospital. Naren was leaving for Delhi to get best doctors for Pooja. He gets a call and learns that Pooja is taken to the mental hospital. Naren takes a u-turn and rushes back to save Pooja. He sees Pooja in trouble. Pooja gets a car on fire. Kusum asks Satish and Anuj to control Pooja. Pooja tells Satish that she wants to take a ride. Satish stops Pooja. Naren scolds Anuj and Kusum for sending Pooja. He takes Pooja with him.


Rudra shows his new bike to Tia. He gives his card to make the payment. The man tells Rudra that his card is not working. Rudra gets worried. He asks Tej to pay for the bike. Tej says maybe the machine is not working well, you can try my card. Tej’s card doesn’t work either. Tej asks how can this happen, there are sufficient funds. Shwetlana says your time is bad, not the machine, its my money and I will not waste money on such useless things. She refuses to pay for the bike. She asks the man to take the bike back. Shivay stops the man and pays for the bike. He doesn’t want Rudra to suffer. Tej blames Shivay for getting them insulted. Shivay says Rudra will get whatever he wants, as his brother is still alive. Rudra hugs him. Shivay fails Shwetlana’s plan. Jhanvi is glad that Shivay didn’t let her trust break. She is sure Shivay will always look after his brothers.


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