Kartik-Naira to counsel Aryan in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira's big surprise for Kartik

Aryan is trying to get love from Goenka family. Dadi wards off bad sight from Kartik and Naira, as she usually does. Aryan touches Dadi’s feet and takes blessings. He hugs Dadi. He wants to live every moment. Dadi wards off bad sight from him too. Aryan wants to take Kartik’s place. Dadi tells Aryan that she loves him like she loves Kartik. Aryan tries to come between Dadi and Kartik. Kartik is not jealous. He is happy that his brother is getting Dadi’s love. Aryan wants all of the family members to love him more than Kartik.

Kartik tells Aryan that he understands his feelings, as he has got family after many years. He asks Aryan not to be annoyed with them. Naira asks Aryan to meet Suwarna and talk to her, ask her the reason why she has left him, maybe her emotions reach his heart.

Kartik and Naira explain Aryan to understand Suwarna once. Aryan feels his annoyance is justified. Kartik is glad to have his brother with him. Kartik and Naira try to fill some sense in Aryan’s mind. Kartik tells Aryan that their parents are really good, he shouldn’t get away else he will regret forever. Aryan asks Kartik to finish off his lecture. Kartik gets upset by Aryan’s anger. Naira comforts Kartik. She understands what Kartik is going through. Kartik feels guilty that Aryan has suffered till now only because of him. Kartik wants to bring Aryan close to Suwarna.


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