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    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh: Adhiraj questions Sudha about her brother. She tells him that Purushottam is dead. She asks him not to doubt on dead people. Adhiraj tells her that its his duty to doubt all sorts of criminals. He asks her how does she know if Purushottam is dead, if she has lost her memory and ended connections with the outside world before. Sudha fails to answer him. Satrupa wants Sudha’s truth to come out. Anami tries to find out about the thief. Sudha has stolen Kamini’s jewelry to safeguard Purushottam. She feels Adhiraj can’t prove her crimes without any clue.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Laila asks Tarun to fight with Gupta in court and ask for his property and rights. Tarun and Saloni refuse to go against Gupta. Saloni tells Laila that she will be happy with Tarun. Tarun assures his love for Saloni. Laila tells them that their love will take a dip when Tarun’s bank account loses all the cash. Tarun rejects his suggestions. He hopes his dad will accept him some day. Ahana bonds with Roshni and Aarav. Anant gets happy seeing her. Reema asks Anant not to let Gupta’s allegations in between his happiness. Ahana invites Saloni home to relieve her stress. Anant supports Saloni in her tough phase. Yamini starts distancing herself from Anant and children, so that Ahana can bond with them well.

    Meri Durga:
    Durga fulfills Sanjay’s conditions. She gets ready to fulfill a wife’s duty, which stuns Sanjay. Durga asks Sanjay to fill sindoor in her hairline and do his duty. She asks him to give proof of their relation’s truth. Sanjay doesn’t agree to her. He throws the sindoor, which accidentally fills her hairline. Sanjay asks her not to fool him by her sugary talks. He keeps himself away from her. Durga wants her old SP back. Durga revives Gayatri’s old memories. Gayatri thinks of her helplessness and big blunder to achieve success. Gayatri doesn’t want her family to know about her mistake. Gayatri gets compelled to train Durga. She fears that Neelkant and Sanjay will learn her past. She locks her old memories. She agrees to give the best coaching to Durga and also seek her revenge.

    Gayatri and Durga keep the training a secret. Rajveer is unsure of Gayatri’s intentions. He wonders how will Gayatri agree to train Durga. Durga wants to fulfill Gayatri’s conditions, hoping she can teach her humanity. Gayatri begins to humiliate Durga. Durga tolerates everything and shows a sportsman spirit by her determination. Gayatri thinks Durga will soon regret for her decision. Durga knows Gayatri’s intentions. She prepares to fail her. Sanjay learns about Gayatri training Durga. He confronts Gayatri for her decision. Sanjay limits Durga from her training. He decides to divorce her and make her out of his house.


    Kartik and Naira learn Aryan’s involvement in the fraud case incident. They hunt for Aryan, knowing he is also in Greece. Aryan plans to leave the country. He quits his job and makes a way to plan his exit. Aryan thinks of returning to his foster parents. Kartik and Naira promise the family that they will be catching Aryan and getting him punished. They want to know the reason for Aryan’s crime. Kartik feels Aryan was angered with him for the petty issues happened during Naksh and Kirti’s marriage and is taking revenge from him. He doesn’t know Aryan’s real motives.

    Naira wants to solve Aryan’s puzzling mystery. Kartik and Naira spot Aryan. They try to catch him. Aryan gets alert seeing his plan failing. He tries his best to escape. Naksh and Kirti inform the police. Naira manages to find Aryan. Aryan asks her to let him leave. Naira scolds him for getting Kartik arrested in a fraud case. She doesn’t let him go. She seeks an answer from Aryan.


    Shwetlana creates a war between the brothers. She seeks Omkara and Rudra’s shares so that they pay for Tej’s deeds. She plans to divide the family. Shivay tells everyone that Shwetlana is fifty percent share holder and she has a right over the house too. He allows her to stay with them. Shwetlana asks Jhanvi to vacate her room. Rudra shows his belief in Shivay. Tej blames Shivay for backstabbing his brothers. Shivay doesn’t seem interested to reveal the reason. Tej tells Shivay that he could have given his own shares to Shwetlana than giving Omkara and Rudra’s future to her. He asks Shivay why did he break his brothers’ trust this way. He blames Shivay to be materialistic and selfish.


    Avni tells everyone that she is the reason for all the problems, she can go to any level to secure Mishti. She tells Neil that she will leave from the house. She doesn’t want Mishti to get away from Juhi. Bebe wants Avni to leave, as she is helpless to support Juhi. Bebe feels shattered to break Neil and Avni’s marriage. Bebe asks Neil to marry Juhi. Avni too supports Bebe’s decision. She requests him to save his shattering family by marrying Juhi for Mishti’s sake. Neil refuses to marry Juhi. Bebe gets compelled to attempt a suicide.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ishita meets a doctor to know about Raman’s state. The doctor tells him about Raman’s mental disorder. She asks Ishita to help Raman before he completely loses his mental capabilities. She tells Ishita that the banned drugs are really harmful for Raman’s life. Ishita gets too worried for Raman. Doctor analyses Raman’s current situation, how he is losing his thinking capabilities and memories because of the pills. She tells Ishita that Raman’s memory will get wiped off completely.

    Ishita understands that Simmi is giving wrong pills to Raman to control his mind. Ishita learns the dangerous side effects of the pills. Doctor tells her that Raman’s recovery would be slow. She advises Ishita to handle Raman’s case carefully. Ishita thinks Simmi has taken the responsibility of giving the banned medicines to Raman. She takes police home to get Simmi arrested.


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