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    Meri Durga:
    Sanjay stops Durga from getting training from Gayatri. He reminds her that she is married now. Durga tells him that she will do a bahu and wife’s duty, but she will not leave her training. Rajveer gets to see Durga’s courage and confidence. He gets happy knowing she has convinced Gayatri for training. Durga doesn’t let Sanjay ruin her dreams. Rajveer sees Yashpal worried for Durga. He lies to her that the training went really well today. Shilpa hides the jewelry she has taken from Gayatri for failing Yashpal’s plans.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:


    Rehaan makes a mind to share all his findings with Anant. He recalls Gupta’s warning for Anant. He learns Anant’s belief in Ahana. Anant tells Rehaan about the way Ahana managed a big matter with ease. He feels he did right by marrying Ahana. Anant tells Rehaan that Ahana is a genuinely good person. Rehaan doesn’t know how to tell Anant about Ahana, whom he believes so much. Rehaan sees Ahana and tries to stay away to wrap up his feelings. Anant asks Rehaan to join them for dinner. Rehaan readily agrees.

    Rehaan meets Richa. He confides that the girl was not Vyoma, his girlfriend. He tells her about Ahana. Richa understands that Rehaan has an interest in Ahana.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Anami gets into an argument for the conditions she kept for allowing Vatsalya’s project. Satrupa tells her that Sudha is their biggest enemy. She is sure that Vatsalya would have protected the family from Sudha and did the same thing as her. Anami disagrees with her. She tells Satrupa that Vatsalya was selfless, he would have never killed anyone’s dreams like this. Anami agrees to Satrupa’s conditions. She tries to get Sudha’s signs on the papers. Adhiraj is sure Sudha and Purushottam are connected. He sends the officers to Lal Mahal to nab Purushottam. Satrupa vents out her anger on Lakshya. She gets much stressed thinking of Anami.


    Jhanvi feels Shivay is in big trouble. She tells Tej that Shwetlana may have forced Shivay for this decision. Tej doesn’t think Shwetlana has blackmailed Shivay. He tells Jhanvi that Shivay has ruined his sons’ future by winning their trust. Jhanvi feels Shivay can never hide any truth from Omkara. She calls Omkara to inform him. Omkara tells him that he trusts Shivay and knows he can never take any wrong decision. Tej feels his sons are big fools to still be blind in Shivay’s love. He goes to confront Shivay. Gauri also shows her belief in Shivay. She tells Tej that there will be some reason behind Shivay’s decision. Tej doesn’t believe Shivay. Pinky and Anika support Shivay.


    Naira shares the matter with Kartik. She tells him what Aryan told her about Suwarna. She tells him that Aryan named Suwarna in this fraud. Kartik loses trust on Suwarna. He tells Naira that he has always doubted Suwarna, he never felt like believing her, he hates her. Naira tells Kartik that she has seen Suwarna worrying for him, Suwarna loves him a lot. She tells Kartik that they can’t make any opinion about Suwarna so soon. She shows her belief in Suwarna. She tells him that Suwarna has risked her marriage to get Manish and Kartik close. She doesn’t want to do any mistake that affects all their relations.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Raman gets worried for Mrs. Bhalla. Simmi thinks of helping her mum, but Parmeet stops Simmi. He reminds her that they have lost Ananya because of Ishita. Aaliya informs Shagun about Mrs. Bhalla’s arrest. Shagun tries to send help. Ashok reaches the place and stops the arrest. He clears out Ishita’s name by calling the entire incident a result of a big misunderstanding. Raman demands Ishita to apologize to his mum. Ishita feels sorry that her plan failed. Parmeet fills more hatred in Simmi. He asks Simmi not to melt her heart seeing her mum affected.


    Neil gets much worried for Bebe. He tells her that just cowards don’t value their life, she can’t be a coward to attempt suicide. Bebe tells him that she isn’t a coward. She wants to share her worries with Neil. Bebe faints down. Neil is sure that Bebe wants to tell him something. Ali helps Neil and Avni communicate. Neil tells Avni about Bebe’s suicide attempt. Avni understands Bebe is hiding something, maybe Vidyut has blackmailed her by something. Avni takes Ali’s help to enter Vidyut’s house and find out his plans. Vidyut and Ragini Pandit get the news that Avni has left Neil. They get happy knowing Juhi will be marrying Neil.

    Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:
    Kanak feels her move for winning love will be very much unique. She thinks of the great lovers known in history. She feels she will also be remembered for her victorious love. Her name will be written in history too, since she plans to divorce her husband to get his love. Kanak plays the divorce drama to make Uma confess his love and get her rights back in Uma’s house. She signs the divorce papers and hands it over to Uma, shocking Uma, Aditya and Maasi. Maasi understands Kanak’s clever game.


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