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    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara: Rehaan gets heartbroken when Anant doesn’t believe him. Anant shows his faith in Ahana. Rehaan thinks of Anant and his relations. Anant asks the family not to worry for Rehaan, he would get fine in some time. Rehaan packs his bags and tells them that he is leaving the house. Roshni panics hearing this. She requests Anant to stop Rehaan. Roshni can’t let Rehaan leave. Anant refuses to stop Rehaan. Yamini asks Anant why is he letting Rehaan leave. Anant tells her that Rehaan doesn’t trust him and his decisions.


    Rudra buys a new bike. He gets crazy for it. He reveals the surprise to everyone. The family gets happy for his new love. Rudra gets happy when Anika and Gauri welcome his bike. Rudra pays for the bike by his card, which doesn’t work. Rudra gets embarrassed. Tej gives his card to clear the payment. Even Tej’s card doesn’t work, which shocks the family. Shwetlana tells them that their accounts are now controlled by her. Rudra thinks of returning the bike, but Shivay comes ahead to secure his happiness. Shivay pays for the bike. Shivay asks Rudra to always stay happy. Tej feels angry as Shivay has snatched everything from his sons and just giving petty gifts to make them happy. Tia too tries to instigate Tej against Shivay. Tej gets much upset seeing the changes around.


    Neil makes a plan to catch Ragini Pandit red handed. He fools Ragini Pandit, who thinks of killing Maddy and Kareena. Ragini Pandit goes to kill them, while Neil traces her. He reaches the place and catches her red handed. He rescues Maddy and Kareena. He gets a proof of Ragini Pandit’s crime and arrests her. Neil sends Ragini Pandit to jail. He informs Bebe that he has saved Maddy and Kareena. Bebe gets relieved and thinks of telling Neil about Juhi’s truth. She wants to tell Neil about Juhi and Vidyut’s daughter Mishti. Juhi stops Bebe from telling anything. She takes Bebe with her.


    Kartik hears Suwarna’s emotional words for him. He feels she immensely loves him. He thinks of her sacrifice. He wonders how can a mother give away her child to be a dutiful mum towards a stepson. Kartik and Naira can’t believe what Suwarna has done with Aryan. Kartik feels guilty that he is the one because of whom Aryan had been away from Suwarna and Manish. Suwarna hides her pain from everyone. Kartik leaves from the police station and comes home. He thinks of Aryan, who is in lockup because of him. Suwarna arrives home with much sorrow. She hides her sorrow and pain from the family. She lies to everyone, just for Kartik’s sake. Suwarna gets contentment and happiness that Kartik is fine. Naira loses her control on emotions and hugs Suwarna.

    Meri Durga:

    Sanjay gets more ideas to humiliate Durga. Gayatri doesn’t want Durga to call any more losses for them. She asks Sanjay to limit Durga. Sanjay gets too angry on servants. Durga decides to cook food for him and calm his anger. Sanjay tells Gayatri that he has found a way to humiliate Durga, by organizing a birthday party for her. Yashpal and Brij reach there to confront Gayatri about the big deceive. Yashpal warns Gayatri against planning anything again. He asks Sanjay and Gayatri not to harm Durga.

    Sanjay and Gayatri make fun of Durga’s family and hurt their emotions. Sanjay tells Yashpal that he planned a birthday party for Durga. Durga wonders what is he planning again. Sanjay invites Durga’s family for the party. Yashpal asks them to be ready, as Durga will fail all of their clever tricks. He assures Durga that he will always guide her. Sanjay wants to make Durga’s birthday memorable in a shocking way. Sanjay eats the food prepared by Durga. He thinks Gayatri has made the food for him. Servant tells him that Durga made the food. Sanjay leaves the food knowing this. Yashpal is sure that Sanjay can’t break Durga’s courage. Yashpal plans to celebrate Durga’s birthday in a different way. Sanjay and Gayatri meet Aarti to invite her in the party. Sanjay wants to prove that he doesn’t love Durga. Sanjay thinks Aarti can help him in troubling Durga. Sanjay and Gayatri plan to spoil Durga’s training.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Anami asks Lakshya to talk with everyone while keeping his manners and values. She scolds him. Lakshya gets upset with him. Adhiraj tries to nab Purushottam. He gets his location and reaches the place. Sudha stays connected with Purushottam. She alerts him in time, and he leaves from the sight of CBI. Lakshya bonds with Satrupa more. Anami tells Satrupa that Lakshya is misbehaving with elders. She decides to punish him by stopping his winter camp coaching. Satrupa asks him not to punish a kid. Anami wants Lakshya to keep their values. Lakshya gets into an argument with Anami.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ishita decides to take Pihu home. She faces difficulty by the school authorities, who believe Ishita is not suitable to meet Pihu. Simmi doesn’t want Ishita to meet Pihu. Ishita scares the authorities about the media and gets permission to meet Pihu. Ishita meets Pihu, who breaks into tears on seeing her. Ishita tells her that she has decided to take her home, where she actually belongs. She tries to make Pihu happy. Pihu gets scared of facing Simmi. Ishita assures that she will always be with her. Ishita plans to take Pihu in the award function. She gifts her a pretty dress for the function. Ishita asks Pihu not to have any fears in mind.


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