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    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh: Anami looks for Lakshya and misses to see him taken away by Purushottam. She asks Satrupa about him. Satrupa learns Lakshya is missing. Anami breaks down in worry. She wishes he comes back. Sudha thinks Anami has learnt a lesson. Purushottam ties up Lakshya in an isolated place. He warns Lakshya against acting smart. He keeps him captive. Anami misses Lakshya. Satrupa assures that she will find Lakshya. Narottam gets to know about Lakshya. Sudha sees everyone desperately finding Lakshya.


    Kartik and Naira take Aryan’s case back. They take Suwarna with them to give her a surprise. Suwarna tries asking them about their plan. Naira asks her to have patience. Manish wonders why did Naira take the case back, without thinking about Kartik. Naira brings Suwarna face to face with her son Aryan. Suwarna doesn’t understand what Naira means to tell her. Naira tells her that Aryan is actually Shubham. Suwarna gets a huge shock knowing Aryan is her son. Suwarna breaks into tears. She gets tensed thinking that Kartik has learnt the truth and got hurt.

    Meri Durga:

    Sanjay tries to fulfill his revenge yet another time. He promises to make Durga’s birthday memorable in a bad way. He then hurts Durga and angers her. Durga’s family plans a surprise for her. Rajveer praises Amrita for being so strong. She tells him that true love gives much courage to a person. Sanjay troubles Durga by making her wear high heels. Durga doesn’t go against him. She wears the sandals and falls down. Sanjay worries for her. She gets to see his hidden love. She tells him that very soon he will also accept his feelings. Sanjay asks her not to have any misunderstanding. Durga gets happy when her family wishes her for the birthday on a video call.

    Gayatri starts creating hurdles for Durga by making her perform dual duties of a bahu and athlete. She makes the training tougher to break down Durga. She thinks Durga can never blackmail her, even by using her past. She thinks of breaking Durga’s confidence and wasting her time, knowing the competition is very close. Durga gets smart to manage both her duties. She performs the puja in the temple as per Gayatri’s orders. She then heads for the training. Gayatri makes a mind to make things unimaginable for Durga.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Vyom comforts Rehaan’s stay in her house. She feels sorry that she had asked her to meet Gupta and share the truth with Anant. Rehaan doesn’t regret that he told the truth to Anant. Laila learns Rehaan has left Anant’s house. She gets happy thinking Ahana’s magic is working on Anant. Vyoma tries to cheer up Rehaan. She plans a surprise for Rehaan. Rehaan gets a smile on his face. He then gets Laila’s call who taunts him and offers a place in her house. Rehaan doesn’t accept her charity. Richa meets Rehaan to know about the sudden developments in his life. She asks him if Anant and he had any fight because of Ahana. Rehaan tells the matter to her.


    Shivay calls the press conference to make an important announcement. Everyone tries to guess the reason behind Shivay’s move. Shivay tells everyone that his ancestors have worked hard for making the Oberoi empire, which is their real identity and pride. Shwetlana threatens Shivay to just do as she tells him, else she will play Tej’s crime video on the screens. Shivay gets compelled to announce that Shwetlana is his new business partner, who holds Omkara and Rudra’s shares.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Raman feels Pihu is his daughter. Ishita introduces Pihu as her daughter and makes Raman meet her lucky charm. She triggers Raman’s memory. Simmi and Parmeet fail to stop Ishita. Ishita sends Pihu to be with Raman, so that he remembers her again. Pihu bonds with Raman after a long time. Raman doesn’t feel happy at all. Pihu gets sad seeing his behavior. Ishita sticks close to Raman and tries to remind him the old things. Ishita and Raman are asked to vote for the best CEO, even if they are the nominees.


    Avni checks the bathroom to know what caused Bebe to fall in danger. She gets clue and learns about Juhi. She feels sorry for Bebe, who slipped in coma by their negligence. Avni talks to Bebe and gets emotional. Juhi starts threatening Avni and asks her to leave from Neil’s life. Avni tells Juhi that Neil doesn’t love her. Juhi is sure that Neil will accept her. She asks Avni to convince Neil for marriage. Avni asks Juhi will she get a happy family for Mishti by forcing Neil. Juhi tells her that she doesn’t want Mishti’s life to be like that of Avni. Juhi and Avni get into an argument. Avni controls herself and makes a plan against Juhi. Avni tells Neela, Shweta and Ali that Juhi has planned the accident to kill Bebe. They can’t believe Juhi can commit a crime. Avni tells them that Juhi has turned much selfish. Avni wants to prove that Neil is not Mishti’s father. She decides to get the DNA test done again, so that she can throw Juhi out of the house.


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