Ahana worries for her twisted destiny in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Rehaan gets to know Ahana’s truth. He thinks Ahana took revenge from him and made him out of the house. The truth becomes a burden on his heart. Shelly tells him that Laila wanted to become Anant’s wife and made many plans. She says Laila was very eager to marry Anant and showed her interests as well, but Ahana has hidden her planning from Laila till Anant broke the news to Laila himself. She tells him that Ahana is cheating Anant. Rehaan also feels Anant has fallen for Ahana’s beauty. Ahana and Ahana spend some romantic moments on their honeymoon. Ahana expects him to make every moment special. It goes well in the beginning. Anant tells his boring plans to Ahana, while she wants the trip to get adventurous. She tells her cool plans to him. He tells her that he can’t do everything like youngsters. Ahana drops many plans so that he doesn’t feel bad. Anant gets happy seeing her maturity.

Ahana and Anant’s difference in age, thinking and dreams start coming in between. They meet a fortune teller in the hotel. The man tells Ahana that her marriage will not be a happy one. His prediction makes her worry.

Ahana takes the prediction light. The man warns her that her true love will have hatred as well. His words sign towards Rehaan, who hates her. Ahana gets confused listening to the man. She tells him that she has married Anant. The man tells her that she won’t find love in this marriage. He warns Anant and Ahana about their future. Anant doesn’t believe him. Rehaan stays worried for Anant and develops hatred for Ahana.

Tarun meets Rekha and assures her that very soon he will be back to his old place. He doesn’t want Rekha and Saloni to suffer because of Gupta’s adamany. Tarun gets stuck in work. He asks Saloni to go for the sonography, he will meet her directly at the hospital.


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