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Dil Dhoondta Hai:
Sonia kidnaps Raavi and Aaji. She gives electric shocks to Raavi. Aaji asks Sonia to leave Raavi. The goons catch hold of Aaji. Sonia tortures Raavi. She asks Raavi not to shout, as none can hear her. She says Rishi won’t come to save them. Raavi asks Sonia to leave Aaji free. Sonia gives shocks to Aaji too. Raavi realizes Sonia is psychotic. Sonia wants to get chawl on her name. She asks Aaji to sign on the papers else she will increase the current levels which could just kill Raavi. Aaji agrees to sign the papers to save Raavi.


Satya tries to make an impression on Susheel. He does sweet things to get her attention. Susheel asks him not to do any cute things, she will never forgive him. Satya asks her if she has found heart balloons cute. He tries to make her realize that she is soft hearted and feminine from within. Susheel and Satya’s no sorry and no thanks moments continue. Satya is determined to win her love and then break her heart.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji: Aditya creates a big drama by kidnapping Kanak. Uma reaches on time and rescues Kanak. Uma makes a dramatic entry with Kanak. He throws Aditya on the floor. He tells Maasi about Aditya’s crime. He says Aditya tried to kill Kanak. He can’t forgive Aditya for such a big crime. Vansh angrily beats up Aditya. Ved asks Vansh not to take law in his hands. He stops Vansh. He hands over Aditya to police. Aditya gets arrested. He threatens Uma and Kanak that this is not the end of the matter, he will come back and take revenge. Uma tells him that he can never do anything against them. He vows to protect his family.

Kartik doubts Naira and Raghav. He sees Raghav buying N alphabet pendant at the shop. He then sees Naira buying similar things. Raghav knows her choice. Kartik sees Raghav and Naira choosing same jewelry accessories. He sees them on either sided shops and gets thinking if there is any connection between them. He thinks maybe he is wrong to doubt Naira. His smile vanishes. He gets lost in thoughts. Naira asks him why did he get so silent. Kartik then hears Raghav confessing his love for Naira. He gets worried knowing Raghav has come from Rishikesh for his love. Raghav is Naira’s past. He wants to get rich like her. He wants Naira to accept his love.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Maasa frames Devi and proves to Adhiraj that Devi has poisoned her food to kill her. Adhiraj slaps Devi and punishes Devi. He asks her to drink the poison herself. Devi loves him and can’t bear to fall in his sight. Devi drinks the poison and proves her innocence. Adhiraj gets stunned with Devi’s move. He then believes Devi is innocent. Adhiraj feels guilty. He gives a rose to Devi. He wants to confess his love for Devi. Devi gets hint of his feelings. Adhiraj takes her to the room. He ends Maasa’s punishment for Devi. He tells Devi that he loves her a lot. Devi gets happy to win his love. Kesar makes Devi adorned. She sends Devi to meet Adhiraj and confess her feelings too. Devi gets surprised by Adhiraj’s romantic move. Their love story will be seen.

Nimki Mukhiya:

Nimki gets engaged with Babbu Singh. It was her dream to marry Babbu. She doesn’t know what the haveli is planning against her. She keeps staring at her engagement ring. Ram bachan talks about their mum’s past. Nimki gets hurt hearing about her mum. Her siblings don’t know about their mum’s past. Nimki sheds tears and misses her mum. Ram bachan cheers her up. On the other hand, Abhimanyu’s dreams and hopes shatter on learning about Nimki’s love for Babbu. He didn’t know Nimki is planning to marry Babbu. He sacrifices his love and wishes Nimki to stay happy.

Kundali Bhagya:
Preeta doesn’t want to hurt Sarla. She tells Rishabh and Karan that Sarla has chosen Prithvi, and Sarla will never wish wrong for her. She trusts Sarla and her choice too. She tells them that her roka with Prithvi has happened. She wants to trust Prithvi, so that her relation gets strong. She doesn’t want to believe anyone and hurt Prithvi by her doubts. She asks them to stop instigating her against Prithvi. Karan asks her to value her life. Rishabh and Karan stay concerned for Preeta’s happiness.


Vidyut provokes Neil to do his duty and arrest Avni, if she is really guilty. He corners Neil and tells him that he has laid the entire plan to see if Neil is courageous enough to arrest his beloved wife and throw her behind bars. Vidyut asks Neil can he see Avni imprisoned. He then strikes a deal with Neil. He gives Neil two options, either to arrest Avni or hand her over to him. He tells Neil that since he met Avni in Goa, he has fallen in love with him, since she is a bold beauty. He is smitten by her charm and bravery as well.

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi:
Tejaswini and Rajveer leave for a meeting. The goons attack them. The driver gets shot. Rajbeer beats the goons to impress Tejaswini. He asks the men to leave Tejaswini. The fight goes on. Tejaswini also answers the goons. The goons hit Tejaswini on her head. She faints on the road. Rajveer then acts of saving her. He is obsessed to get Tejaswini in her life.


The Oberois have divided the house. Dadi can’t tolerate the house division, which happens because of a minor issue. Pinky hates Tej and Jhanvi even more. She can’t imagine living in the house without Shivay. Gauri and Omkara try to manage house and office. Pinky throws out her anger around. Dadi doesn’t know the future of the family. Dadi asks Omkara to call Shivay back. Meanwhile, Shivay and Anika realize a bus hijack. They try to rescue the school kids. Shivay attempts to stop the bus. Anika tries to save Shivay from the accident. The bus goes out of control and reaches the end of the cliff.