High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Ishita will be dying while saving Pihu from the kidnapper. The death track will be saddening. Ishita’s dad does the final rites of Ishita. Raman gets a huge shock when he sees Ishita’s funeral pyre burning. Many hopes of Bhallas and Iyers also die along with her. There will be a big twist, as Ishita will return with a bang in Raman’s life.

Ayushaman Bhava:

Krish starts taking revenge from Vikrant. He makes Vikrant name his bungalow to Kaushalya. Vikrant and Maai get angry on Krish. Krish doesn’t get affected. Vikrant learns Krish has taken his signatures by cheating him. He says I will throw you to jail and this time I will not think even of Kavya. Krish goes ahead in his plans. He feeds sweets to Vikrant and congratulates him for losing his haveli. Kavya doesn’t know the matter. Vikrant behaves well with Krish on seeing Kavya. He can’t bear the cheat. He threatens Krish that his big mistake will cost him a big price. Krish asks him to find a roof for him first, as this house is now of Kaushalya, she will decide whom will she allow to live here.

Sasural Simar Ka:
The mystery box is spreading more fear and illusions in the family. Sameer becomes the next target of the magical prediction. He sees Sanjana hitting him with the brand new car. He worries seeing the future. He accepts the challenge. He takes Sanjana for the drive. Sanjana really hits him down. He thinks he has seen the same moment in the box. Sanjana takes care of him. She apologizes to him.


Naira tells Kartik that she is very happy as her past has come back in her present. Kartik gets worried thinking she is talking about Raghav. She misses her ashram and friends. Her innocent words give a wrong hint to him. Naira does a lot of shopping with Kirti and Kartik. She wants to buy stuff for Manish and Suwarna’s anniversary party. Naira buys the silver jewelry which she used to wear in Rishikesh. She likes the local jewelry shop. She recalls her old days. She tells Kirti that she used to wear such jewelry in Rishikesh, Kartik knows this well as he had seen her life in Rishkesh.

Soumya and Harman get together . They leave from the house to spy on Mohini. Soumya is worried after Preeto’s suicide attempt. She wants to find Mohini’s pregnancy truth. Harman tells her that he is not supporting her, but he is doing this for her safety. He asks her not to get happy thinking anything wrong. He sees some stranger and says I have seen this man with Mohini. Soumya says we can find some clues. She asks Harman to follow the man, they can reach the truth. Harman agrees to her. He asks her not to take tension. Soumya understands even Harman is tensed about Preeto.

Laado 2:

After Tu Aashiqui and Ishq Mein Marjwa merger, Colors will get another merger. Udaan and Laado 2 will have a merger episode soon. Chakor wants to stop Imli from committing more heinous crimes.s She learns Imli has gone to sell off young girls to the city creeps. Chakor wants to reach the place and save many lives. Suraj comes in her way and stops her. He is following Imli’s orders. He doesn’t want Chakor to trouble Imli and Ranvijay. Anushka meets Chakor on the way. Chakor and Anushka help each other. The merger episode will be getting Udaan and Laado 2’s prime characters together for a common cause.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Parth’s daughter goes missing. Parth and the entire family worry. Parth doesn’t know who has taken the baby. Their celebrations catch an evil sight. Indu, Dadi and Dada ji were much happy until they got to know the shocking news. Parth shouts to them and tells them that the baby is missing from the cradle. He asks Indu to do something and find baby. Paulmi Kaki tells them that she didn’t take the baby either. They find the room window open and realize someone has run away with the baby. Parth doubts on Teni.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Sangram makes an entry back in Disha’s life. Sangram catches Purab and threatens him. Purab wants to throw out Sangram from their lives. Sangram came back for revenge. Sangram kidnaps Purab. Disha looks for Purab. She spots Sangram kidnapping Purab. Abhi and Pragya have cute moments. Pragya tries to win Abhi’s trust. Their nok jhok continues. Pragya gets informed and senses danger. She feels worried and shares the problem with Abhi. She fears Sangram will harm Purab. She asks Abhi to do something and save Purab and Disha. Sangram wants Disha back in his life. Abhi can’t let anything happen to Purab. Abhi learns Purab got much beaten up by Sangram’s goons. Disha goes to rescue Purab and gets trapped.

Meri Durga:

Sanjay is troubling Durga by a new challenge. He targets her parents this time. She gives him a solid reply by calling her homeless family in her inlaws house. Sanjay wants all of them to leave his house. He asks Durga to send them out. He tells Durga that he is going to demolish her ancestral house in few hours. He asks her to do what she wants. He says it will be easy to break it now, as the house is vacated. Aarti’s dad has brainwashed Sanjay to take revenge from Durga and ruin her entire family.

Piyaa Albela:
Pooja gets scared when the entire family blames her for Harsha’s state. Neelima tells her that now Naren will not let her stay in their house. Pooja worries on hearing Supriya’s words. Supriya wants to send Pooja away for everyone’s safety. Pooja feels sad thinking of Harsha’s pain. Surbhi’s blames on Pooja makes everyone more conscious. Pooja tries to run away from Naren’s house. She doesn’t want to stay with Naren. She boards a bus. She gets help from someone. She gets to see Naren in the bus. She gets down the bus and tries to run away. Naren stops her. She tells him that she will not go to doctor. She gets angry and pushes him. Naren tries to explain that someone lied to her.

Tu Aashiqui:

JD throws a big party for Deep and Manav’s new business association. He invites Anita and her daughters as well. JD plays smart and wins Manav’s trust by making him a business partner. He doesn’t want Ahaan to make Manav against him. JD hires a singer. Uday tells Ahaan that he can earn money by performing in the party. He warns Ahaan that the party is at his own house and JD will try to humiliate him. He asks Ahaan to think well before taking the assignment. Ahaan agrees to sing in the party. He tells Uday that he wants to prove JD that he can struggle and do any work to free Pankti. JD plans a big drama in the party. He hides his planning from Ahaan and Pankti. He thinks the young lovers can’t stand in front of him. JD tries to catch Pankti.


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