Rehaan’s feelings for Ahana start bothering in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Rehaan deals with his feelings for Ahana. Roshni doesn’t want him to leave. He apologizes to her for turning down her wish. He asks her to wait till Anant calls him back himself. He promises to come back when Anant calls him. Anant sees Rehaan with Roshni. He doesn’t dislike him. He still loves Rehaan, but his anger doesn’t end. Ahana asks Anant to call Rehaan back. She forgives Rehaan. She asks Anant to think for his family and accept Rehaan. Roshni doesn’t think Ahana will let Anant call Rehaan back. Anant thinks to stop Rehaan from leaving. Rehaan wishes Roshni again and goes.

Anant apologizes to Roshni for not be able to give her happiness. He feels sorry that his attempts to keep his children happy are failing every time. Laila learns that Ahana is advising Anant to call Rehaan back. Laila doesn’t like Ahana’s move. She thinks to meet Ahana and tell her what Rehaan wants to do. She doesn’t want Rehaan to make Ahana out of Anant’s house.

Laila comes to meet Ahana by an excuse of Roshni’s birthday. She asks her not to call Rehaan back, as he can affect her position in Anant’s life. Ahana asks her not to command her, as this will her decision to decide about her family. She asks Laila not to control her life. Laila tries to warn Ahana against Rehaan. She taunts Ahana for getting her bad honeymoon frustration on her. She asks Ahana not to cheat herself by the fake happiness. Ahana gets insulting Laila. She asks Laila not to interfere in her life. She shows the door to Laila. Laila feels Ahana is hitting on her own leg. She takes a step to meet Rehaan and keep him away from Ahana’s life. Rehaan doesn’t take her advice. Ahana learns Roshni’s dislike towards her. She gets worried and thinks to do something to win Roshni’s love.


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