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    Ishqbaaz: Shivay gets injured. Anika worries for him. Shivay runs to save his brothers’ name from biting the dust. Shivay fights back. Tej ruins Shivay’s memories, and shocks the family. Omkara and Rudra get disheartened seeing Tej’s hatred for Shivay. They get their hands burnt and save the souvenirs. Shivay teaches a lesson to Carlos. Back at home, Omkara and Rudra shed tears in his memory. Shivay gets the land on the brothers’ name. He feels his brothers will always be with him. Omkara makes it clear to Tej that his hatred will always lose in front of their love. He tells Tej that he can never break the brothers’ unity. Tej doesn’t care for their emotions.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Mihika gets upset that Romi didn’t come for the marriage counselling session. Romi apologizes to her and breaks the truth that he has seen Nikhil on the way, that’s why he missed the counselling. Ruhi gets worried knowing this, while Mihika doesn’t believe Romi. She feels Romi is lying again. She turns more angry. Mihika plans to leave the house. Mrs. Bhalla stops Mihika at home. Romi thinks to prove his words. Parmeet gets informed that Nikhil was tracked by Romi. He asks Nikhil to disappear for few days.

    Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

    Aditya drugs Kanak and kidnaps her. Uma gets restless thinking if Kanak is in any problem. He recalls Kanak and thinks of the seven vows he made to Kanak. Saraswati and Suman try to remind Uma his vows. They pray that Uma doesn’t end his relation with Kanak. They wish the marriage stops anyhow. Maasi gets glad when Uma prefers to keep his vow towards her. She feels Kanak will not succeed once Uma marries Paulmi. Aditya takes Kanak away from the house. Maasi learns Kanak went missing. She fears Aditya is creating troubles for himself by kidnapping Kanak. She asks the men to find Kanak. Uma and Paulmi sit in the mandap, while the rituals of marriage begin.


    Kartik and Naira surprise everyone with the happy family lunch. The family really gets happy with Kaira’s move. Kartik tells them that they should celebrate their family unity and spend some time together. They invite Aryan for the lunch. Aryan feels out of place. He expresses his annoyance. He gets distanced from Manish too. Manish thanks him for coming for their sake. Raghav reaches Kartik to spoil his relation with Naira. He plans to present some shocking proof. Naksh gets disheartened knowing Kirti has hired a nurse for Bhabhimaa’s care. He refuses to keep the nurse. He feels Kirti should support him in elders’ care. Kirti fails to explain him. Kirti asks him to hire the nurse as they have medical knowledge. He tells her that elders need personal care from the family. He asks her to understand his family needs.

    Meri Durga:

    Durga looks for Sanjay and reaches Aarti’s house. She threatens Aarti’s dad and tries to know about Sanjay. She thinks she can protect Sanjay and take him home. She learns Sanjay left from there. She doesn’t get any clue to know about Sanjay. Sanjay’s friend informs her about Sanjay’s plan to visit his farmhouse. Durga follows the lead and proceeds to search for Sanjay. She reaches the farmhouse and gets a huge shock on learning Sanjay’s affair with Aarti. She cries on hearing his bitterness and hatred for her.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Purushottam gets revealing the truth to everyone. Pujan witnesses the entire scene. Satrupa worries that Anami will know her move to keep Lakshya with her. She asks Purushottam to let Anami go. She bribes him to hide her secret. He doesn’t care for anyone. He tells her that he will expose everyone before he dies. He asks Lakshya to name his kidnapper. Adhdiraj fights back again. He gets to nab Purushottam, who doesn’t want to give up at any cost. Purushottam threatens to make everyone fall in trouble. He tells them how the battle started. Sudha worries that her name can come out. He gets naming Sudha’s truth in front of Satrupa and Anami. Sudha does a shocking thing by shooting her brother. Purushottam gets cheated by Sudha. He falls dead. Sudha acts to save Anami and Lakshya from him. Satrupa gets stunned by Sudha’s unexpected move.


    Neil worries that he is failing to ruin Vidyut’s consignment. Vidyut makes fun of Neil. Avni gets to see the police and steps back from the escape plan. She gets to see a water pipe connection there and starts the sprinkler unknowingly. This ruins Vidyut’s drugs supply. Neil gets surprised seeing this and thinks Neela has come as Neo to help him. He gets thankful to Neela, unknown that she has gone to meet Avni. Avni comes back in time, before the jailer raises the alarm of her disappearance. She injures herself and acts to lie unconscious. Jailer sends her for aid.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Anant learns that he has lost a big contract. He asks Tarun about the tender. Tarun tells him about Gupta’s move to bring a huge loss for them. Anant and Tarun meet Gupta. Anant confronts Gupta for bringing the loss for him if he had to take revenge from Tarun. He gets into an argument with Gupta. Gupta insults Tarun, while Anant praises Tarun for being loyal and strong. He tells Gupta that Tarun didn’t oppose Laila as he sees his future with Saloni. He promises Gupta that Tarun will work with him forever. He tells Gupta that he can celebrate his win without his son. He tries to make Gupta value family. Gupta feels Anant is a big fool.


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