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    Meri Durga: Sanjay refuses to give divorce to Durga, till she accepts her mistake and declares his parents’ innocence. She refuses to accept his request. She asks him to not expect anything such from her, as she will never accept any fault when she is innocent. Sanjay tells her that he will get Aarti home. He wants to torture Durga more. Durga gets adamant that she will not give up. She gets ready to pass the love test. Yashpal and Annapurna get bothered when a stranger comes home and gets blackmailing them. Yashpal assures her that he will do something and manage the truth from getting revealed.


    Kartik stays worried thinking of Naira and Raghav’s matter. He hides everything from her. He doesn’t feel to ask anything to her. Suwarna gets the letter. She reads the letter and gets much shocked. She asks Kartik if he is doubting on Naira by reading such nonsense. Kartik tells her that he loves Naira a lot, he will not ask Naira anything, as it can either hurt her feelings or break her heart. He tells Suwarna that even if Naira had any relation in past, he doesn’t care for it. Suwarna tells him that he is the best life partner Naira can get. Naira looks for him at night. She sees Kartik and Suwarna talking and assumes them to be planning some surprise.


    Gauri crosses the partition line to help Shakti. She sees Tia and thinks Tia didn’t see her. She doesn’t feel any threat. Tia makes a plan to tell Tej about Gauri’s move. She thinks Gauri’s mistakes can be good for her. Gauri tries to help Shakti again. Tej spots her and scolds her for going against him. He reminds her the duties of a bahu. He asks her to respect his decision. He reminds how Shivay has insulted Omkara in front of the world. He doesn’t allow Gauri to have any relation with Shakti and Pinky. Omkara supports Gauri. He doesn’t feel she has done something wrong. Tia asks Gauri not to argue with Tej, as he can get a heart attack again. Tia tells Jhanvi that Omkara and Gauri still have to learn keeping their responsibilities.


    Avni saves a girl from a politician’s son. She gathers evidence against him. She threatens to expose him by the video. She beats up the man and makes him apologize to the girl. Neil plans to visit the jail and meet Avni. The jailer announces about the Christmas competition. She tells them the winning reward. The prisoners get happy to participate and win. Avni dances with everyone. Neil comes to meet Avni. He imagines a romantic and emotional moment with Avni. He promises to free her soon. Neil’s imagination breaks out when he finds Avni distant. Avni thinks of the bitter note on which her relation with Neil ended.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Simmi feels she can never forgive Ishita, who has snatched Ananya from her. Pihu and Ishita miss each other. Ishita gets worried for Pihu. She feels restless, when Pihu also gets eager to see her once. Ishita fails to know anything from Aaliya and Ruhi. She tells her family that she will try to find out about Pihu and return soon. Raman gets worried for Pihu as well. He comforts Pihu when she gets scared. Raman tells her that nothing will happen to her as he is with her. He bonds with her like before. He puts her to sleep. Ishita meets the inspector to find some way to meet Pihu.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Sudha shares out her pain with Narottam. She tells Narottam that she has shot Purushottam just to save Narottam’s future. She tells him the consequences of Purushottam’s arrest, if she didn’t shoot him and left him alive to get attacked by Adhiraj. She tells Narottam that now he is her sole support and she will not tolerate if he withdraws his support. She wants Narottam to fulfill all her motives. She tells him that Purushottam’s sacrifice shouldn’t go waste. Narottam promises to support her. They share an emotional moment.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Rehaan gets worried thinking of the sorrow he has called upon in Anant’s life. Roshni asks him what is Anant’s reply. Rehaan asks her to leave him alone. She asks him to share the problem. He makes her out of his room. Ahana tries to bond with Roshni to know the reason of her anger and rudeness. Roshni doesn’t want to talk to Ahana. Ahana asks Roshni not to hurt Anant and her. Roshni warns Ahana against hurting Anant. Anant leaves from the house and thinks of Ahana. He feels shattered to know that Ahana has cheated him. Ahana waits for Anant to return. Shelly tells Laila that Rehaan has told everyone about Anant and Ahana’s marriage. Laila gets moved knowing Ahana’s marriage is in risk. Laila tries to meet Anant.

    Tu Sooraj MSPJ:

    Uma confesses his love to Kanak. He apologizes to Paulmi for turning down her love and expectations. He tells Paulmi that he can just visualize Kanak as his wife. He feels sorry that he couldn’t fulfill her dreams, but explains her that she won’t get any happiness by a loveless relation. He asks her to move on in life. He breaks the vow given to Maasi so that he can save two lives from destruction. Maasi supports Uma in his decision so that he doesn’t doubt on her. Kanak demands Uma to express love to her once again. He tells her that he has expressed love as per the situation needs. She requests him. Uma turns filmi and confesses love to her. He turns into the hero of her dreams.


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