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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya: Ratan gets Diya arrested. She gets chained by the security guards. Ratan starts hating her. He gets his anger out of Diya. Their relation ends on hatred note. Chote Thakur loves the sight of Diya’s sorrow. Ratan and Diya’s friendship got ruined. Diya’s plans failed completely. Ratan thinks she is the enemy who is trying to kill him. He can’t believe that he is so foolish that he didn’t see Diya’s truth. He gets hurt while hitting the punching bag. Yash stops Ratan and explains him that Diya can’t cheat him.

Chakor complaints to police about the ill villagers. She tells inspector that Imli has made the villagers fall ill for some motive. Inspector arrests Imli, while she acts innocent. She puts the blame on Suraj, which he accepts. Inspector arrests Suraj and takes him. Suraj doesn’t oppose Imli. He takes the blame on his head and goes. Chakor is sure that Suraj is innocent. Chakor worries for Kasturi. She is determined to expose Imli’s truth. She will find Imli’s motives behind the medical camp.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:


Uma romances Kanak. He writes his love confession on Kanak’s neck. Kanak smiles realizing his love. She didn’t expect Uma to get romantic. They have a moment. He tells her that this is the reply to her complaint, as she has told him that he didn’t write any love letter till now, when he has penned down many volumes on medicine field.

Tu Aashiqui:

Monty meets Purva at home. She asks him to help Ahaan. Ahaan and Pankti’s hide and seek goes on. She doesn’t want to meet him as she has promised him. She attends Mata ki chowki at Ahaan’s home. She stays away from Ahaan. Ahaan senses Pankti and knows she is always there to support him.

Woh Apna Sa:

Jia performs in front of some Sheikh. He gets praising of her beauty. She dances with him. She makes to fool him. Arjun got her kidnapped to make her away from home. The kidnappers sold her to Sheikh for money. She gets trapped because of Arjun. She doesn’t want to lose. She spikes the drinks and makes Sheikh and his goons lose senses. She traps them in a fire ring and runs away. She leaves the evil men to die.

Colors’ Jashn-E-Tashan:

Colors is bringing a Mahasangam episode of its five prime time shows. Savitri Devi, Tu Aashiqui, Ishq Mein Marjawa, Shakti and Udaan will have a big merger episode. Their leads will be seen performing in the party. Chakor sings out her love for Suraj, while he too leaves his anger. Chakor and Suraj perform. Mohini shows her style and tashan. Tara tries to attack Aarohi. Chakor reaches there in time and saves Aarohi.

Anika gets to her usual cuteness. Veer smiles seeing her. Veer falls for Anika. He wants to get Anika in his life. Anika’s Masti moments makes her fall in trouble. Veer enjoys her light hearted dance. Anika shares her tensions with Omkara and Rudra. She sees a woman’s shadow and also hears the bicycle bell. Anika wants to catch the woman who is troubling her. She has no fear as her family is along. Rudra tells her that he will make sure that nothing bothers her. Rudra finds her tensed again. He comforts her fears. Rudra finds someone and attacks thinking that’s the thief who is troubling Anika. They all lay a trap. Rudra and Omkara manage to catch the woman.

YRKKH: The Goenkas celebrate Christmas. Raghav takes disguise of Santa and attends the party, to give the medical reports to Goenkas and ruin Naira’s life. He gives the medical reports to them. Naira wants to save Sakshi and Anubhav’s relation. She lies that its her reports. Dadi gets moved on knowing this. She tells Naira that she will decide for Kartik and her relation now. The Christmas celebrations get a big twist.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Teni performs in a bar on Madam ji’s orders. She gets back to her dancing. The men throw money on her. They get praising her dance. Teni is doing everything to reach her daughter. Parth too reaches the bar. He feels awkward seeing Teni dancing. She has promised him that she will not dance again, but she is doing this for their daughter. Teni doesn’t care for her respect. She didn’t wish Parth to come and see her in such a situation.

Laado 2:

Anushka tells Amma ji that she has lost her sister because of Amma ji, but she can’t lose love. She goes ahead to marry Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj marries her only to abandon her. He tells Anushka that its marriage for her, but just a revenge from Amma ji for him. He leaves Anushka midway. Anushka will be taking Amma ji’s avatar to settle scores with Yuvraaj and his family.


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