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Naamkarann: Neil organizes a cultural festival for the prisoners. He tries to keep Avni away. Avni tries to use Neil’s absence. She sneaks in his cabin to find the blue prints. She fails to get any information. Neil gets gifts for everyone. He keeps a special gift for Avni. He thinks she will accept the gift. Avni gets angry on Neil. She reprimands him for always controlling his life. She gets humiliating him. She tells him that he was always selfish to form a relation and abandon her by his wishes.


Naira gets the abortion reports and gets worried. She goes to destroy the reports. Sakshi learns the matter. Naira tells her that Raghav has reached them, anything could have happened today. She feels lucky to get the reports which Raghav kept in an anonymous gift box. Kartik tries to reach home to find Raghav. Naira and Sakshi burn the reports, which doesn’t burn completely. Anubhav gets the report and confronts Sakshi about it. He asks her if she had an abortion. He wants an answer from her.


Anika tells Gauri that she has missed her a lot. She feels she was away from her sister. Gauri tells her how upset she was, when she saw the family breaking. Anika misses the family. Anika boasts of her good wife’s qualities to Gauri. Gauri then finds a mess. She laughs out and tells Anika that now the house looks of Anika’s. Anika shows her the entire house. Gauri asks her about the locked room. Rudra tries much to open the door, but fails. The woman staying inside prepares to shoot Rudra.


Adi and Aaliya make Pihu happy by taking her for Christmas shopping. Pihu gets glad. The family prepares for Christmas celebrations. Simmi welcomes Ishita and doesn’t stop Pihu from meeting her mum. Ishita keeps Simmi away. Simmi and Parmeet plan to get the papers from Iyer house. They try to get the house keys. Shagun finds Ishita happy and congratulates her for Raman’s progress. Raman comes as Santa and spreads happiness. The family celebrates happily. Parmeet tries to hide from everyone and workout his plan.

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

Ahana scolds Kavita for sending her the video without thinking for Roshni. She finds Kavita’s intentions wrong. She asks Kavita not to show the video to anyone else. Ahana tries to talk to Roshni, while the latter avoids. Ahana asks Roshni why is she not sharing things, why did she lie then her parents supported her. Ahana asks Roshni about the video. Roshni confronts Ahana for hiding a big truth from Anant. She scolds Ahana for taking advantage of the situation.

Meri Durga:

Durga refuses to agree with Yashpal till he tells her the secret. She doesn’t want to prove Sanjay’s parents innocent. She demands Yashpal to tell the secret. This makes him attempt suicide. He builds up pressure on Durga for agreeing to him. Durga gets helpless to agree to Yashpal. She asks him to think of the consequences. Yashpal asks her to just do as he tells her and accept the lie in front of the press. Durga tells him that she will lie just for the sake of his life.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

Adhiraj joins Anami for the puja. She thanks him for doing so much for her. He tells her that its his duty to help people. She knows he has gone an extra smile for their friendship. For the first time, Anami expresses her feelings and thanks him for always being there for her. Adhiraj gets glad. They share a cute moment. She forces him to accept her thanks. He asks her about her tons of attitude. Her charm strikes him. He compliments her beauty. Anami turns shy by his ‘lost in her’ stare. She asks him not to flatter much. She tells him that she likes him just as a policeman. He tells her that his perception about her has changed. She pulls his leg. He starts falling for her more. Their non-stop chat continues. Adhiraj dreams of their union.


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