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Tu Aashiqui:
JD meets Ahaan on the way. Ahaan gets embarrassed. JD taunts Ahaan that he can never complete this challenge. Ahaan tells JD that he will soon arrange the money and free Pankti. JD tells that he doesn’t think Ahaan has any courage left now, he seems to have lost. Pankti gets an idea to post Ahaan’s music video on social media, so that it gets viral and earns fame for Ahaan. Purva helps her. They get hopeful that Ahaan’s talent can get recognition, which will get him good work opportunities.


Soumya sees Mohini talking to someone on phone. She spies on Mohini. She snatches the phone from Mohini and tries to know the person on other side. Mohini screams and creates a big scene. Harak takes Mohini’s side and scolds Soumya. Mohini get content that Harak is still in her control. Preeto comes to support Soumya. Preeto and Harak get arguing.


Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi:

Tejaswini gets troubled by Preeti again. She finds rats chasing her. She saves herself from tumbling down the stairs. She gets scared and runs to her room, where someone locks her and leaks a poisonous gas inside. Tejaswini knocks the door. She asks for help. Preeti doesn’t want Prem and Tejaswini’s child to come in the world. She tries to kill Tejaswini. Prem comes to her rescue. Prem breaks inside the door and finds Tejaswini unconscious. He takes Tejaswini for aid. Preeti worries that Tejaswini got saved and her truth may come out.

Siddhi Vinayak:

Vin makes Siddhi record her statement, that she is willingly staying in his mansion for the next ten days. Vin throws off money on her. She gets much hurt emotionally. She turns helpless to bear this in order to save Zai’s life. Siddhi picks the money and runs to the hospital to get Zai’s treatment started. While Siddhi gives a new hope to Zai, she falls in trouble.


Kasturi makes an ointment for Chakor’s wounds. Chakor thinks of Suraj and runs off from the house. Chakor reaches Suraj to do aid to his wounds. Suraj realizes she worries for him genuinely. She has also shared the tortures. She tries to make him realize their relation’s truth. She asks him not to say anything and just be silent, till she applies the ointment to him. They have a moment. Suraj and Chakor have always shared their pain. Ranvijay does drama and hits himself. He is angry after failing to Chakor. He feels guilty. Imli stops him. Ranvijay tells her that he has made a mistake, that’s why Chakor got a chance to fail their move and insult Imli. He apologizes to her.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:

Sameer regrets for his mistake. His Nanu asks him to repent and get guilt free. Sameer reaches Naina’s house to work as a servant. He talks to Pankaj. He wants to help Naina’s family and prove Naina that he is really repenting.


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