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Raman and Ishita will be celebrating the new year in a Punjabi avatar. Raman plays the dhol, while Ishita does Bhaangra. They all welcome the new year. Adi and Aaliya too take a new avatar and support them. They all try to save the house property papers. Aaliya’s friend identifies her and scolds them for invading her party. She calls the police and gets them arrested. Raman and Ishita try hard to save their house. Aaliya regrets for her gambling addiction.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Teni’s shagun ceremony gets done. The family happily supports Parth and Teni. Indu takes a mahurat for the marriage. The family makes two groups to be from groom and bride’s sides. Pandit gives them the marriage date. Teni doesn’t want to take Shorvori’s place. Parth is her friend first. Parth and Teni took this decision mutually so that they can fill the family’s needs. Parth is sure that Teni will become a good mum for his daughter. Parth and Teni take blessings from everyone.

Naira tells Dadi that she has always told her that she is Tina, she didn’t hide anything. She doesn’t want Dadi to stay annoyed. Dadi is at fault, still Naira is convincing her. Dadi says Naira is such a wife, who stays as an ideal wife and bahu, but keeps all control of the house in her hands, Naira has completely changed Kartik. Kartik tries to explain Dadi. He deals with the problems in a mature way. Manish and Suwarna worry seeing the clashes at home.

Woh Apna Sa:

Arjun and Jia end their distance. They have a romantic union. All their misunderstanding have ended. Their romance turns out to be a dream scene. Arjun dreams of Jia. He wants to get Jia in his life. Jia gets angry on Arjun. She tells him that he can’t become Aditya if he acts, she is not a fool, she can’t come in his words always. He shouts that he is Aditya. She tells him that she loved him thinking he is really Aditya, but now she knows the truth, he won’t get anything by fooling her. She hates herself for loving Arjun.

Nimki Mukhiya:
Babbu’s sangeet ceremony takes place. Babbu shares a leg for his family’s sake. Everyone sings and dance. Babbu’s mum had many dreams for her son. She wanted to get him married to the girl of her choice. She had planned a lot for his marriage. Tetar has fixed Babbu and Nimki’s marriage for his greedy motives.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi:
Ira realizes she has done a big mistake to hurt Akhilesh. She learns he is really a sincere guy, who is still a bachelor. Her misunderstanding about Akhilesh’s children get cleared. She recalls her vow when she pursued medical science. She tries to break the shocking truth to Akhilesh, which can turn his life upside down. She holds courage to tell him about the wrong operation. She fears his marriage will break with this truth coming out.

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi:
Tejaswini starts making everyone dance on her fingers. The family members obey her commands, as Tejaswini is the new owner of the house. She has much power in her hands. Dharam supports Tejaswini, when Prem speaks against her. Dharam slaps Prem. Dharam asks Tejaswini not to worry about anyone in the house. Dharam has given the house control in Tejaswini’s hands. Dharam knows Tejaswini is innocent. He does this to get justice for her. He has given all his property to Tejaswini. He tells Tejaswini that he has always seen the house’s heir in her, and now she has to manage the family and business by total control.


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