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Siddhi Vinayak: Vin tells Siddhi that he is taking revenge from her, as she has registered a fake case against him. She tells her that she has spoilt his film mahurat by the false blames. He asks her to erase the stain from his picture, which she has given him. He tells her that he didn’t clear the stain so that he can compel her to do this. Siddhi recalls Zai’s state. She spits on his picture, and angers him more. Vin breaks a glass and hurts himself. He leaves his blood print on the board and promises to make her pay for this. He determines to ruin her.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:
Ratan gets a strange feeling about Diya. Diya’s photo falls down. Ratan feels something bad is going to happen. Ratan fears for losing Diya forever. Yash informs him about Diya’s accident. Diya’s accident create chaos in Lal Mahal. Everyone gets concerned for Diya. Ratan and Yash worry for Diya. Ratan avoids the guards and goes to meet Diya. Diya gets discharged from the hospital. Ratan gets Diya home. Diya apologizes to everyone for troubling them. The family tells her that they are not annoyed with her and have forgotten all the tortures. The family welcomes Diya happily. Chote Thakurain does Diya’s aarti. Diya gets surprised seeing their bevahior. She likes the positivity around. Diya doesn’t find anything suspicious. She still has to prove her innocence to Ratan.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Mandira is too angry. She has done everything for Vijay, but he has no concern for her. Mandira has got a place in his house, but she failed to win his heart. She gets crying when Vijay refuses to have the tea made by her. She dumps the tea cup. Mandira reminds him what all she did for him. Vijay just thinks of Bulbul. Mandira tells him that she is working hard to make him happy, but he is not accepting her. Gayatri asks Mandira to give some time to Vijay, he will realize the truth soon, he will accept that Bulbul is out of his life. Gayatri is supporting Mandira thinking she can seek help from Mandira in the hour of need.

Piyaa Albela:
Pooja doesn’t want Naren to know her mental drama. She feels Naren shouldn’t know the truth so soon, till she finds some other way to secure Naren. She is hiding Naren’s illegitimacy truth. She fears Naren will break down and take any wrong step once he knows the truth. Naren happens to get Mr. Kapoor’s phone. He tells Pooja that Mr. Kapoor’s phone can help them know his real intentions. Pooja worries that Naren will see Dada ji’s video if he unlocks Mr. Kapoor’s phone. Naren unlocks the phone to check media. Pooja hurries to stop Naren.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Adhiraj and Maasa make plans to trouble Devi. Maasa tells Adhiraj that he has to kill Devi in order to fulfill his mum’s wish. Adhiraj gets prepared to plot Devi’s death. He shows the affect of the nail bed to Maasa and pleases her. Devi doesn’t get scared of them. Devi fakes a pregnancy report. She counters Maasa’s plan by telling them that a new life is growing in her womb. Devi feels the puja will start her new journey, since she will answer all the wicked plans of Maasa by her pregnancy news. Adhiraj saves Devi from his own planning, when he learns she is bearing his child. Adhiraj loses out to Devi’s planning. Maasa gets enraged knowing about Devi’s pregnancy.


Gauri worries for Pinky’s life. She tries to protect Pinky. She sees Pinky consuming a drink. She fears that the juice has poison in it. Before Pinky could consume it, Gauri throws away the glass. Gauri’s move makes her fall in everyone’s eyes. Pinky gets angry on Gauri. She recalls the old incidents and vents out all the frustration on Gauri. Gauri tells her that she has to tell a big thing. Pinky asks her to leave. Gauri reveals about the poison added in the juice. She asks Pinky to be alert, someone is conspiring to kill her. Gauri gets trapped by Tia’s fake planning. Gauri gets misunderstood by Pinky. Pinky doesn’t believe Gauri and laughs off on her warning. She asks Gauri did she find this way to insult her. She asks Gauri to be away from her.

Badho Bahu:

Badho wins the match against Laveena. She becomes the wrestling champion and wins the lost pride of her family. She gains Raghuveer’s respect and place in the village. Badho gets honored for her huge win. Lucky and Raghuveer also get the honor. The family gets happy and feels Badho’s win is not lesser than Diwali for them. They all celebrate. Payal asks the family to punish Kamla. The villagers oppose Kamla and suggest that Kamla should be thrown out of the village. Kailash feels he can’t forgive Kamla for her huge mistake. Kamla worries when everyone gets against her and compares her with Raavan. While the villagers prepare for kicking Kamla out, Badho feels the family shouldn’t break. Malti wants Kamla to get punished for her mistakes. Badho will take a stand for Kamla and surprise all.


Naira tells Kartik that they should have a child now, as their marriage completed a year. Kartik asks her why is she in a hurry. Naira is determined to become a mum. She tells him that its the right time now. He doesn’t want a baby so soon. He tells her that he is too young to handle kids. He says we will grow up first and then think of having a child. Naira tells him that she is serious. He starts avoiding her. She pulls his leg. She asks him to think about the huge happiness which their baby will get along. She tells him that she wants to make everyone happy by her good news.


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