Uttara to pose new challenges in Jiji Maa

Jiji Maa Uttara to snatch Falguni's child

Uttara presents herself as an ideal mother in law. She acts good towards Niyati and Falguni. Uttara wins Vidhaan and Jayant’s heart. She impresses everyone by showing her selfless side. She remains cunning and mocks a sick state in front of them. She then calls up Niyati to inform her about Niyati and Vidhaan’s tilak ceremony. She tells Niyati that she is willing to do the tilak ceremony the next week. She meets Falguni to discuss about for the ritual. She asks Falguni to buy a shagun saree for Niyati, as the saree should be from the Maayka side. Falguni agrees to her.

Uttara asks Falguni to gift a saree from a costly mall. Falguni worries as the saree will cost few lakhs. She fails to arrange even thousand rupees. Falguni gives her nod to fulfill Uttara’s wish, since its about Niyati’s future. Uttara tells Shom that Falguni can’t do anything to buy the saree and this will be her new failure. Uttara sounds happy after breaking Falguni’s courage. Meanwhile, Suyash gets ready to meet Falguni. His friend Dimpy spots him changing clothes to disguise himself as a poor guy. She gets puzzled about Suyash’s intentions. Uttara offers help to Falguni, to which the latter refuses to accept. Uttara gets angry on seeing Falguni’s courage and determination returning back.


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