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Shivay asks Anika to take care. He leaves for office. Veer learns Anika is alone at home. He takes advantage of the situation. He meets Anika and injects her to freeze her. Anika gets into an idol mode. Veer adores Anika. He romances her. Veer dances with Anika. He wants to get Anika in his life. He expresses his love to her. Anika doesn’t react to him. Shivay comes home. He finds Anika lost and tries to revive her. He tells Anika that he is always with her. Veer hides from Shivay.

Tu Aashiqui:
Ahaan and Pankti’s lives get happiness. Pankti has left her home. She comes to stay in Ahaan’s house. She is upset as she has gone against Anita and Purva. She misses them. Pankti never expected this to happen. JD has done a favor on her. He surprises Ahaan by letting him move on with Pankti. She knows JD well. She thinks JD can’t change, but she gives him a chance to prove his genuine goodness. She doubts on JD’s drama. Ahaan arranges ten crores for Pankti’s freedom. He happily gets Pankti’s freedom, while JD poses a new problem.


Maharani returns in Soumya’s life. She reaches Harman’s house and seeks a job as maid. Maharani begins her drama to influence everyone in Singh house. Maharani wants to take revenge from Harman and Soumya.

Badho Bahu and Meri Hanikarak Biwi Mahasangam:

Badho wanted to learn wrestling tips from Akhilesh. She learns he has lost all his hope in life and left wrestling. Badho learns his problem. She wants to encourage him to move on in life. She threatens him that she will reveal his truth to Pushpa if he doesn’t fight with her. Akhilesh unwilling fights with her and teaches some tricks. Badho tells him that a true player never loses.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi:

Devina gets the poster as gift for Akhilesh. She breaks out the news to stop Akhilesh and Chutki’s marriage. Pushpa receives a shock. Ira reaches Devina mansion. She reveals to everyone about Akhilesh’s problem, that can be cured. Akhilesh’s marriage breaks in front of Ira. Ira gets guilty and agrees to marry Akhilesh. Pushpa gets happy for Akhilesh’s marriage. Ira and Akhilesh’s haldi ceremony begins. Devina and her daughters try to spoil Ira’s haldi. Ira understands there is some issue. Pushpa comes to her rescue. She stops them from ruining the fun. Devina asks her children to create troubles in all the functions. Pushpa applies haldi to Ira. Ira is sure that she can solve Akhilesh’s problems.


Avni learns that Vidyut has kidnapped Neela. Avni gets in hospital for treatment. Vidyut meets her and blackmails her about Neela. She gets troubled. She wants to save Neela from Vidyut. She tells him that he has turned more evil. He wants to fail Neil’s reputation. He tells her that she should run away from the jail and get Neil defamed. He wants to save his mum. He knows Avni will agree to him, as its about Neela this time. He tells her that he has used her mum to save his mum, and its fair in their battle. He is sure Avni will get convinced by him for the sake of her mum. He tells her that he will kill Neil if she doesn’t listen to him. Vidyut has the game in his hands. There will be high drama coming up.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre: Devi rules on Adhiraj’s house. Adhiraj expresses love to her. He wants her to stay fine. He lifts her and takes her to the room. She is very happy seeing the big change in him. Maasa turns upset with Devi’s pregnancy. Devi’s happiness soon falls apart. Adhiraj gets too angry when he knows Devi is not pregnant. He learns she is just lying about her pregnancy. He has trusted her a lot. He feels she has cheated him. Adhiraj vents out anger on Devi. Maasa has exposed Devi’s lies. She gets Adhiraj on her side again. Devi fails to explain anything to Adhiraj. He confronts her for the big lie. He gets too hurt. He tells Devi that he knew the truth and did this drama to make her speak the truth. Devi will try to win Adhiraj’s love. She will change his hatred into love.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren scolds Pooja for her cheat. He tells her that she has broken his trust. She tells Naren that the truth she is hiding is bigger than their love and togetherness. The family celebrates Pooja’s recovery to normal state. Naren behaves good and happy in front of the family. On reaching the room, Naren ruins the place. He tells Pooja that there shouldn’t be any secret between them. Naren doesn’t want to hear anything else than the secret.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Aaliya’s truth comes out. She tells Piyush that her dad worked in his company and died because of him, so she has come back to take revenge from Piyush. She reveals her intentions. She kidnaps Roshni, as Roshni is very much dear to Piyush. She wants to break down Piyush. The family fails to save Roshni. Simar will go in the past to rectify the present. Bharadwaj family will go 200 years back. She will try to find the problem they are facing in their present. The family is worried and asks Simar is she fine. Sanjana prays for Simar. She wishes all their problems get solved and Simar stays protected. The family learns the box’s mystery. Simar travels in the past to know the mystery. Simar and everyone go in the past and play different roles. Aaliya’s dramas go on. She gets free from Sameer’s clutches. She tells him that he can’t cage her, she will get free, Simar can’t change the past by travelling in the past. She laughs on Simar’s foolishness.


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