Vidyut and Neil’s big fight next in Naamkarann


Ballu gets to see Neil in disguise and attacks. Neil manages to flee with Neela and Mishti. Ballu informs Ragini Pandit about Neil’s planning. She gets enraged. She asks Ballu how could he lose Neil. She realizes Avni was not planning to escape because of Neil’s ongoing plan. She asks Jailer to punish Avni. Jailer comes up with a plan to frame Avni in front of the prisoners. She punishes Avni for attempting to break the prison again. Ragini Pandit tells Avni that she will kill Avni in the jail and also prepare to kill Neil, Neela and Mishti. She lies to Avni that Neil didn’t succeed to save Neela. Avni worries for Neil.

Avni gets tortured. She asks the inmates to help her in the tough time. The prisoners raise a voice for Avni. Sunehri leads them and saves Avni from the tortures. Avni takes Sunehri’s help and asks her to inform DD about Neil and Neela’s lives in danger. Sunehri works out her plan. Avni gets confined in a dark cell. She shouts for help.

Vidyut returns to the city. He blocks Neil’s escape route. Neil fails to escape. Vidyut and Neil get into a fight to end their game forever. Vidyut scolds Mishti for running away, far from her father. Neil scolds Vidyut for caging his own daughter into a world of fear. Vidyut threatens to kill Neil. Neela protects Mishti. Sunehri informs Avni about Neil. She rescues Avni and asks her to escape from the prison right away. Avni thinks of the promise made to Neil. She refuses to run away. Sunehri tells Avni that this is the only chance to escape.

Avni and Sunehri check jailer’s cabin. She asks Sunehri to communicate with DD. She believes Neil will fulfill his promise. He asks Sunehri to escape if she wants. She doesn’t want Sunehri to fall in danger again. Neil and Vidyut’s fight turns massive. Vidyut likes fighting with Neil. He asks Neil to take Neela and Mishti as a reward of his victory. Neil then gets attacked by Vidyut by deceive. Avni too gets attacked by Ragini Pandit, who plans to bury her behind the wall.


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