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    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh: Dheeru warns Anami against meeting Adhiraj again. He tells her that he doesn’t want any trouble on his son’s life and career because of her. Anami apologizes to him. He asks her to make sure that Adhiraj isn’t defamed again. Anami doesn’t want to hurt Adhiraj’s happiness. She decides to forget him and
    move on. Adhiraj gets Anami’s anklet and decides to meet her. Anami tries to avoid Adhiraj.


    Tej and Veer try to get Lily out of Shivay’s room. They cut the power supply to work out their plan. Tej manages to hide Lily with him. He tries to find the exit. Anika asks Shivay why was he away from them. Shivay doesn’t tell her about the brothers’ talk. Rudra assumes Lily to be Anika and talks to her. She finds him getting weird by marriage stress. Omkara fails to see Tej. Shivay fixes the fuse and manages to get lights back. Everyone makes fun of Rudra. Shivay fails to see Tej in his wicked act. Tej passes the bank credentials to Veer.


    Naira gracefully finishes her performance. She misses Kartik. The family worries for Kartik’s absence. Naira runs after Kartik to apologize to her. Priyanka tells Goenkas that she won’t come to stay with them, as she has much work. Aryan tells the family about Naira’s bravery. Dadi tells Singhanias that Naira and Kartik shouldn’t risk their lives. Naira apologizes to Kartik. He doesn’t feel like forgiving her so soon. She tries hard. He avoids her by a work excuse. The family praises Kirti and Naira for their brilliant performances.


    Raman doesn’t want Ishita in his life. He wants to make Ishita away from him and Pihu. He misses Ishita a lot. Ishita doesn’t want to leave Raman. She scolds Simmi for ruining her marriage. She urges them not to let Raman remarry. She asks Bhallas if they will support Simmi and ruin Raman’s life. Ruhi supports Ishita. She takes a step to end Raman’s confusion. Simmi stops Ruhi. She gets angry on Ishita and Ruhi. Ishita pleads to them to help her improve Raman’s mental balance. Simmi scares the family reminding Raman’s sick condition. Ishita wants Raman to remember their marriage and accept her.

    Meri Durga:

    Sanjay confronts Gayatri for her past. He reveals to the family that Gayatri is a top athlete of her times, she is Jassi who didn’t let the world know her identity. Neelkant asks Gayatri to answer them, if Sanjay is saying true. Sanjay proves himself. He scolds Gayatri for cheating them. He tells them Gayatri’s shameful past. He demands an answer from Gayatri. He reprimands Gayatri and Durga for hiding the truth from him and not keeping any trust between them. He tells them that their love doesn’t matter to him from now on. Sanjay stabs himself right in front of them.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Roshni suspects on Rehaan and Ahana’s bond. Rehaan asks Ahana to listen to him once. He wants to make up to her for that day’s mistake. Roshni asks them if they have any fight going on. Ahana doesn’t let anything get revealed. Anant gets surprised when he sees Yamini wearing the same pendant as Ahana. Ahana gets upset with him. Anant tries explaining that he didn’t gift anything to Yamini. Ahana and Anant have an argument. Roshni plants misunderstandings between them. Roshni tells Anant that she has gifted Yamini to give her some happiness. She acts innocent. Anant scolds her for using his name to gift Yamini. Roshni succeeds to put Ahana in sorrow.


    Vidyut makes a plan to enter Neil’s house in disguise. DD falls in trouble because of Vidyut. DD gets attacked and loses conscious. He fails to inform Neil about Vidyut’s escape. Vidyut gets mean to use people in his favor. He promises to destroy Neil’s happiness. Neil and Avni prepare for the party and have some sweet moments. Neil flirts with her. He confesses love to her again and again. She tells him that he is in her heart and will always be. They have few moments of solace. They are sure that nothing can go wrong in their lives now. He makes her smile. They cherish their old memories.


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