Shivay and Anika unmask their unknown enemy in Ishqbaaz


Shivay and Anika pull off the plan well. Veer gets trapped in their plan. He tries to know Shivay’s new investor. Anika is sure that her plan will catch the culprit. Shivay asks her to be careful and stay connected with him. Anika finds if anyone is following her. Anika tells Shivay that someone is really following her, but while hiding the identity. Shivay tries to reach her in time, so that she doesn’t fall into any trouble. Veer meets Anika to know her truth. Shivay fails to reach Anika because of the car tyre burst. Anika runs to save her life. Veer chases her to know her identity.

Shivay learns the enemy is hunting for Anika. He hurries up to rescue her. Anika and Veer try to know each other’s identity. Veer kidnaps Anika. He wants to know why she is investing in Shivay’s company. Anika keeps him engaged till Shivay arrives. Veer asks Anika why is she helping Shivay. He warns her against signing the deal. He threatens to kill her. Anika doesn’t want Veer to flee. She tries to know more about the unknown enemy. Shivay reaches the place to save Anika. She sticks adamant to sign the deal with Shivay’s company.

Veer endangers Anika to know her truth. She falls in a fatal situation. Anika wishes Shivay reaches soon to save her. Shivay manages to reach Anika when Veer steps ahead to unveil her identity. Veer gets confident that the investor won’t get saved anyhow. He prefers to kill her in style. He reveals his face to give her the right to know her murderer.

Shivay and Anika get to see Veer and learn he is the one who has targeted them since they came to Goa. Veer tells Anika that he is the one who has planned Shivay’s destruction. He ignites the fire to burn her alive. Veer leaves the place. Shivay then takes the risk and saves Anika. They can’t believe Veer is their enemy, whom they believed so much. Veer gets mistaken that he has succeeded to kill Shivay’s investor. Shivay and Anika decide to fool Veer and trap him in his own game.


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