Stunning speech: Anami turns impressive in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Dheeru doesn’t allow Adhiraj to attend Anami’s birthday. Adhiraj argues with his dad. He tells him that he has promised Anami and has to be there on her special day. Dheeru asks him not to make any promises that can upset the people of Lal Mahal. He asks Adhiraj not to take friendship with Anami ahead. He warns Adhiraj against meeting Anami. He doesn’t want to accept anyone from Lal Mahal in his family. Adhiraj determines to attend the party. Avdhoot meets the DJ and bribes him to play the recording in the party. He wants the world to know Satrupa’s true face. He plans to humiliate Anami.

The party begins in Lal Mahal. Everyone awaits Anami. Anami wears a special dress and impresses one and all. Anami’s stunning attire and looks takes the family by a surprise. Kamini has other plans to humiliate Anami by making her fall down in the gathering. She breaks Anami’s high heels to embarrass her. Kamini’s plans don’t work. Anami manages to pull herself pretty well. Anami keeps the family’s honor.

The family introduces her as Lal Mahal’s princess. Anami tells Dadi that she hasn’t worn any high heels. Satrupa compliments Anami for her different style of living. She encourages Anami to give a speech. Avdhoot calls the big journalists to spread the news. He wants Anami to lose all the respect and love earned. He plans to make it an odd day for Anami. Anami meets the guests. She looks for Adhiraj. His absence makes her upset. Anami waits for Adhiraj’s entry. Anami gives a wonderful speech, which wins everyone’s hearts. Avdhoot gets prepared to reveal his trump card and ruin Anami’s happiness. Avdhoot plays Satrupa’s call recording in the party. Satrupa doubts that Sudha is behind this conspiracy. Anami gets distanced from Satrupa again.


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