Shorvori to bring Parth-Teni closer in Dil Se Dil Tak


Teni and Shorvori have much belief in each other. Teni gets upset when she sees Parth and Shorvori together. Shorvori tells Teni that Parth knows her better. She is happy that Parth remembers almost everything about her. She shares her happiness with Teni. She didn’t know Teni will feel bad. Shorvori tries to convince Teni. Teni gets into an argument with Shorvori. She says even if Parth didn’t spend much time with me, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t know me, you can’t make me dance on your fingers. Shorvori asks Parth to apologize to Teni.

Parth clears their misunderstandings. Shorvori surprises Teni by telling her about the outing planned by Parth. Teni gets happy and apologizes to Shorvori. Shorvori thinks of her moments and married life with Parth. Shorvori decides to stay away from Parth and Teni. She thinks to get cautious while dealing with Teni. She doesn’t want their relations to spoil.


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