Anami and Satrupa’s bond turns stronger in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Adhiraj reveals about Satrupa’s innocence. He tells Anami that Sudha is the mastermind behind the fire incident. Anami feels sad to speak to Satrupa rudely. She regrets to misunderstand Satrupa. Dadi and Adhiraj console Anami. Sudha plans to send away Satrupa from Lal Mahal so that she can step in Baldev’s life. She tells Narottam that this is a big victory for him, he will become the heir and will fulfill their dream. She wants Narottam to get all his rights. Narottam tells her that Sher Singh can tell truth to police. She tells him how she has captured Sher Singh’s family and blackmailed him into giving wrong statement against Satrupa. Narottam gets disheartened.

Satrupa doesn’t know why Sher Singh is lying. She doesn’t want Anami and her relations to suffer. Baldev asks her to have faith in Lord, if she is really innocent, nothing can go wrong. Satrupa doesn’t want to lose Anami. She loses her strength with the thought of losing Anami.

Dadi meets Satrupa and tells her that Adhiraj made Sher Singh speak out the truth and recorded his statement. She relieves Satrupa. She tells her that Sher Singh had lied to frame her on Sudha’s behest. Satrupa goes to meet Anami. Dadi asks Baldev to let Anami and Satrupa bond. Adhiraj tells Anami that she didn’t do wrong and it was just situation which spoilt the relations. He asks her to calm her anger. Anami promises to make everything fine. Anami forgives Satrupa. She feels sorry to blame Satrupa. Satrupa and Anami form a mother-daughter’s strong bond for the first time. Sudha feels she has won and goes to see Satrupa’s leaving from Lal Mahal.

A shock awaits Sudha. Adhiraj reveals the culprit to the family. He breaks down Sudha’s happiness and tells her that Sher Singh has told her name. Sudha finds it a joke. Adhiraj provides evidence against Sudha. He reveals to the family that Sudha actually wanted to kill Anami and now she is happy to get rid of Satrupa by accusing her. Sudha’s truth comes out. She denies the blames in front of Baldev.

She accuses Satrupa for framing her. She asks Baldev to believe her for once. She asks Adhiraj not to support Satrupa. Satrupa slaps Sudha and wants her to get punished. Sudha doesn’t accept her crime. She tells Satrupa that she can’t prove anything in court. Anami blasts her anger on Sudha. She regrets to get Sudha home. She asks Sudha how did she harm her family. Sudha accuses Anami for her personal agenda to insult Satrupa. She doesn’t take any favor from Anami. Baldev asks Adhiraj to arrest Sudha and take her away. He realizes Sudha still hates his family. Sudha maintains her lie that Satrupa is framing her. Narottam presents the evidence against his mum to get her arrested. Sudha gets stunned on seeing Narottam’s deceive. Sudha threatens to kill Satrupa.


  1. The whole story has changed suddenly . They were dragging the serial before without any continuation of story and just wanted to stop all the plotting and start a new storyline ,just don’t know what’s happening and now it seems even Vatsalya is coming back. Even Satrupa has changed suddenly. Pujan and family has again vanished. There goes this serial to the dumps also.adhirajs father who is a partner in royal steel is suddenly of for delhi where his son is supposed to shift . What about his own work. Omg.we r not idiots.

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