Baldev to accept Narottam as his son in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Narottam reveals Sudha’s crimes to everyone. He tells Sudha that he would like to be an orphan than being her son. Sudha slaps him angrily. He tells her that he has seen her real face and now he hates her. He gives the evidence against Sudha. He tells everyone that Sudha wanted to kill Anami, but her foster parents got murdered. Sudha denies the blames. Narottam opposes her. Sudha finds him mad. Satrupa tells Sudha that Narottam won’t lie to frame her. Sudha loses out in her game. Baldev demands an answer from her. He asks her why did she target Anami, who got her home. Sudha accepts her crimes. She tells Satrupa that even if circumstances are against her, even if her son has deceived her, she will not let Satrupa win.

She doesn’t forgive Narottam for his mistake. Narottam wants to end the matter right away. He plays Sudha’s crime confession recording. Sudha gets hurt by his biggest deceive. He tells her that he doesn’t want more of the blood shed, he doesn’t want to become a heir of Lal Mahal. Sudha rages in madness and targets Satrupa.

She threatens to kill Satrupa and end the game in her favor. Adhiraj stops Sudha from shooting. Baldev slaps Sudha to control her. Sudha breaks down by his hatred. He asks her to go jail and get herself treated. Narottam feels ashamed of his mum. He sees Sudha getting arrested and sheds tears of sorrow. He feels helpless but had to do this to put a stop on her crimes. Narottam falls weaker once Sudha leaves. Satrupa sends Baldev to console Narottam. Baldev reaches Narottam to praise him for his tough righteous move.


He accepts Narottam as his son and asks him not to think he is an orphan. He apologizes to Narottam for being so cold hearted towards him. He tells Narottam that he feels proud of him. Narottam tells him that he never imagined he will cheat his mum, but it was necessary to save Anami’s life. He feels indebted to Anami, who supported him when no one did. He owes a lot to Anami. He feels lonely without Sudha. He remorses on the fact that he lost his mum forever.

Baldev showers love on his son. He regrets to not identity his son’s real good character. Narottam forgives Baldev. The father-son bond. Satrupa apologizes to Anami for becoming the reason of her foster parents’ loss. She feels bad that Anami lost her biggest support. Anami couldn’t share the truth that her parents are alive. She feels guilty seeing everyone’s genuine love for her. Dadi requests Anami to make a new start. Satrupa and Anami decide to make a fresh start with a clean heart. Their bond gets better with time.


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