Shorvori gets instigated against Teni in Dil Se Dil Tak


Shorvori and Teni are worried. They don’t know who is Parth taking along on honeymoon. Shorvori packs Teni’s bags. She wants Parth and Teni to spend quality time together. She convinces Teni to go. She asks Teni why doesn’t she look happy. She asks the reason for her sorrow. Teni tells her that she doesn’t want to leave from the family. Shorvori says I will be looking after everyone, just go and enjoy. She gets some papers and receives a shock. She gets crying. Kaki finds Shorvori crying and instigates her against Teni.

She tries to ruin Shorvori’s happiness. She says I was finding you everywhere, what are you doing here. Shorvori says I was packing Teni’s stuff. Kaki tells her that Teni will take her place in Parth’s life. She angers Shorvori. She advises Shorvori to go along with Parth. Teni gets angry on Parth for coming late. He asks her to get ready, else they will miss the flight. She tells him that Shorvori packed her bags and his bags aren’t ready yet. He asks her to stop fighting and pack stuff. She is excited to go Switzerland for the first time. She asks him to take the bags, she will meet everyone and come. She is afraid that her honeymoon plans can flip.


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