Vedika’s marriage gets a twist in Aapke Aa Jane Se


Sid and Roshni of Jamai Raja fame will be performing in Vedika’s mehendi. Their magical performances becomes highlight of the special episode. Preeta of Kundali Bhagya will also be performing in the ceremony. Vedika stays upset and misses Sahil. She wishes Sahil to accept her relation with Gautam and move on. Gautam is mean and wants to defeat Sahil. He wants to marry Vedika at any cost. Sahil gets the evidence against Gautam. He wants to stop the marriage and save Vedika’s life. Gautam doesn’t let Vedika know his madness. He makes Sahil meet with an accident. Sahil fails to reach home. Vedika feels something is wrong. She looks for Sahil. Sahil tries hard to bring out the truth.

Sahil dances with Vedika. They have a romantic dance. Sahil dreams of this sweet moment with her. He then realizes Vedika is going too far from him. She is going to marry Gautam. Sahil wants his dream to turn into reality.

Badi Amma is happy to get rid of Vedika. She dances in Vedika’s marriage function. Vedika leaves from the altar. She deals with her confusion. Gautam goes to get her. He reveals his true mean side and tells her that she did a big mistake to trust him. She asks him why did he cheat her. She learns his truth. He tells her that he wants to win her at any cost. He hurts her and pressurizes her to return to the altar. Vedika gets helpless to marry Gautam. Sahil will come to stop the marriage and expose Gautam. Sahil and Vedika will be getting married.

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