Rishton Ka Chakravyuh to mark closure with Vatsalya’s return


Baldev asks Narottam not to leave his father. He begs him for one chance to repent. He regrets that he didn’t understand him till now. He tells Narottam how tensed he got knowing his son left. He promises to give his name and all the happiness he deserves. He bonds with Narottam. Narottam gracefully accepts his father. They forget all the past. Anami apologizes to Satrupa in advance. She then reveals that she has lied to her about her foster parents. She tells Satrupa that her foster parents are alive and the reason of lie was just to secure them. She regrets to doubt on Satrupa. She clarifies her move.

She tells Satrupa that the lie was very much necessary to stop the destruction. She tells how Adhiraj took her foster parents to the safe place. She feels sorry that she didn’t believe Satrupa before. She asks Satrupa to understand her. Satrupa feels disturbed that Anami lied to her. She tells Anami that its her mistake that she made a true person lie. Anami wants to share her pain.

Without any annoyance, they bond with each other like never before. Anami makes a fresh start with Satrupa. Anami gets her foster parents home. She gets glad to meet them after a long time. Satrupa reveals to the family that Anami lied to them to save the lives of her foster parents. Satrupa apologizes to Madhu and Murari. They understand each other. Madhu gets praised for giving such good values to Anami. The two mothers regard Anami as their Krishna.


Adhiraj meets Satrupa and reveals that Sudha was behind Vatsalya’s accident. Baldev supports Satrupa in dealing with this truth. Satrupa apologizes to Adhiraj for all her anger and bad behavior. Anami thanks him for being her friend. Adhiraj tells her that he is leaving the city forever. Anami feels sad with this news. Baldev finds Anami upset and knows her feelings. He meets Dheeru to stop him and his family from leaving. Baldev and Dadi apologize to Dheeru to make peace. Baldev promises to change their terms into better. Dheeru doesn’t believe him easily.

Anami too turns up for Adhiraj’s sake. She doesn’t want Dheeru to go away. She tells him that she has seen Lal Mahal family changing. She asks Dheeru to forgive his old friend Baldev. She convinces Dheeru to accept Baldev’s friendship. Baldev and Dheeru turn into good friends again. They keep a celebration in Lal Mahal. Everyone bonds happily with clean hearts. Anami celebrates togetherness with her two mothers. The family rejoices their happy moments. Vatsalya makes a shocking entry home. Vatsalya turns out to be alive and fine. He comes back to Lal Mahal and joins his family, which becomes a big pleasant surprise for them. The happy ending brings a smile on everyone’s faces. Lal Mahal gets his rightful heir Vatsalya back. Anami welcomes her beloved brother with happiness. The show gets an abrupt end, leaving the viewers less clued to guess the next happenings.


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