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Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Vijay works late at night. The entire family sits together when the power cut occurs. Bulbul suggests that they sing songs and pass time. They play Antakshari. Vijay sings a romantic song for Bulbul. He surprises everyone by his romantic side. Bulbul and Vijay together light the diyas. He dreams of romancing Bulbul. The family conflicts go on. Vijay is helping Bulbul convince the family. He is also trying to set things fine with Angad.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:
Diya gets heartbroken. Ratan becomes an emotional support for her. He can’t see tears in her eyes. He tells Diya that its time that they get separated, but he will miss her a lot. Diya realizes they will be separated forever this time. Diya sheds tears. He understands her feelings. He asks her if she isn’t happy with their decision. She makes an excuse to hide her pain. Ratan gifts a token of friendship to Diya. Diya dreams of Ratan, who asks her not to leave from the house. Ratan takes the sindoor box in hand, which drops over Diya. Diya takes it as a hint and thinks of not breaking their relation. Kakimaa asks Diya to save her marriage.

Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai:
Tiwari and Anita show attitude after becoming CM and secretary. Tiwari makes strange decisions, which troubles everyone. Tiwari orders commissioner to get tea and snacks. He doesn’t do anything well. Anita has high hopes from him. She wants Tiwari to work well and keep her word. She recalls how she has challenged the CM for proper work, and chose Tiwari to become the CM for a month. She asks Tiwari not to let her down.



Tia wants to save Shivay and Anika from the evil intentions of her sisters and Veer. Shivay doesn’t know Veer is actually Roop’s son. He has got his enemy home. Shivay and Anika didn’t learn Roop’s truth. They put Tia’s dummy in the car to save Tia from Veer. Veer gets diverted. He sends Shwetlana to expel Tia from Oberoi mansion. Shwetlana drives off the car. Shivay and Anika get a big shock and get afraid. Shwetlana doesn’t know its a mannequin in the car. Anika has fooled Shwetlana and Veer. Shivay reaches Tia to know the big secret about the mills incident.

Nimki Mukhiya:
Rekha goes drunk and does silly dance. Nimki fools Rekha by dancing along with her like a mirror image of Rekha. Nimki and Rekha’s antics go on. Nimki looks for Babbu. Nimki has cute equations with everyone in Tetar house. Nimki meets Babbu and tells him that she knew he loves him. Anaro spots Babbu and Nimki together. She shouts to her son. Nimki tries to clarify. Anaro gets angry on her. Babbu praises the food made by Nimki’s sister. Nimki confesses love to Babbu. She takes selfie with him. Anaro hates Nimki. She then calms down her anger. The family is worried by Babbu’s behavior. Anaro fears that Babbu will really fall in love with Nimki. She doesn’t want anything to change. She has trust that Babbu will never change, as she will not let him change.

Leela attacks Susheel once again. She wants to trouble Susheel. She is doing a drama to take revenge from Susheel. Satya wants to secure Susheel from his dangerous Dadi. Susheel had threatened Leela. Leela chokes her again and then acts good in front of everyone. Susheel knows how to deal with Leela. Leela finds herself tied. Susheel ties up Leela and scares her with an injection. Leela begs Susheel to leave her. Susheel wants to teach a lesson to Leela.

Jiji Maa:
Falguni decides to take charge of Rawat business. She tells Suyash that Uttara should take some rest now. Falguni will manage the business in office. Falguni reaches the office and gives presentation in front of the clients. She impresses everyone and helps Suyash too. Falguni’s talent helps her motivate all workers. Suyash shows the artistic work made by Falguni. Client gives the entire responsibility to Falguni. Suyash supports her. Uttara gets speechless in front of Suyash’s decision. Suyash doesn’t know Uttara is evil minded. Falguni knows Uttara well and still has belief that Suyash will always stay by her side.

Piyaa Albela:

Pooja saves Surbhi from the goons. She turns into a bold fighter and protects Surbhi’s life and respect. The goons catch Pooja to kill her. Pooja doesn’t lose strength and fights back. Pooja asks Surbhi to fight back as well. Pooja is surprised to know about Naina’s secret. She didn’t know Naina had kidnapped Surbhi till now. Surbhi is pregnant with Rahul’s child. Naina doesn’t let Rahul know this. Pooja wants to take Surbhi home and expose Naina. Pooja asks Surbhi is she fine and takes her home. Surbhi turns grateful to her. Pooja will be stopping Rahul and Naina’s marriage.

Woh Apna Sa:
Nisha has kidnapped Jia. Arjun wants to know about Jia. He points the gun at Nisha. Nisha acts in front of Binni. Arjun tells Nisha’s entire truth to Binni, but the latter still decides to support her mum. Binni loves her mum a lot. Binni asks Arjun to throw out Jia from his life and live with them, if he wants to save Jia’s life. She keeps this condition and supports Nisha.


Avni sings in the party. KK has invited the participants of the cultural event on Neil’s saying. Neil gets to hear Avni’s singing. He gets too drunk and thinks Avni is just part of his imagination.


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