Falguni to join Rawat business in Jiji Maa

Jiji Maa Falguni to lose her newborn baby

Gayatri gets a chance to enter Rawat house because of Falguni. Jayant stops Gayatri from leaving, when Falguni tells him that Gayatri may have not been wrong completely. He wants to know the past matter. Jayant doesn’t reveal much in front of Suyash. Jayant sends Falguni with Suyash for work, as he is not able to accompany. Uttara gets much upset when she sees Suyash bringing Falguni home, while carrying her in arms. Falguni tells Uttara about her twisted ankle.

Falguni starts working with Suyash in his office. They have cute moments. She knows Suyash believes in her art and talents. She wins the challenge given to Uttara. She proves to the artists that she is the best. Suyash feels Falguni is lying and taking things in her control. Falguni tells Suyash that she doesn’t know anything related to computer. Suyash teaches her few things. She acts innocent to make him teach her more. He asks her to learn herself. Suyash gives her a big responsibility. Uttara sends Shom to spoil Falguni’s work and make her fall in Suyash’s eyes. Shom steals the important pen drive while Falguni explains work to the artists. Falguni has another big task, that’s to bring Suyash and Gayatri together.


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