Sanjay’s new job to make Durga proud in Meri Durga


Durga tries to know from Bhagat why he is supporting her so much. He tells her that he believes in her, that just she can win the gold medal for the country. He wants her to get fame for herself and him too. He feels just Durga can fulfill his dream by winning gold for the country. Bhagat asks Durga not to think of anything and focus on her training. Yashpal gets glad that Sanjay got a job. Neelkant turns unhappy to know that Sanjay is doing a low profile job. Yashpal suggests Neelkant to support Sanjay. He tells that time can make or break a person. He wants everyone to support Sanjay in his hard work.

Durga learns Sanjay has joined the sports academy as the security guard. She hides him from everyone. She gets disheartened to see Sanjay doing such a job. She still supports him. Yashpal tries to cheer Gayatri and Neelkant.

Sanjay tells Durga that he is ready to do anything to meet her. He wants to stay around her by doing the guard’s job. He tells her that he is not doing any job, but just his duty to protect his wife. Bhagat wants the athletes to focus on the training. Durga and Sanjay hide from Bhagat. Sheela gets insulting Gayatri and hurts her emotions. Yashpal tries to balance the family tensions. Sanjay tells Durga that no work is small or big, as long as he is close to her. She tells him that she isn’t ashamed of him, as Yashpal is his hero who worked as peon in her school. She calls Sanjay her superhero and cheers him. Tanvi and Lakshmi conspire against Durga again. They try to get Durga caught up by Bhagat, but fail.



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