Preeto tries to balance Harman-Soumya’s relation in Shakti

Soumya last rites

Harman messes the house in anger. He gets raging. Preeto tells Harman’s friends about Harman and Soumya’s bitter relation. Harman asks Preeto why did she defame him in between his friends. He gets divorce papers and hands over to Soumya. Preeto tries to explain him. Soumya tears the papers. She doesn’t want to give divorce to Harman. He continues to throw anger around.

Harman, Soumya and Preeto visit a Naamkaran ceremony at Harak’s friend’s place. Harman drops Soumya on the road. He gets torturing her. Harman’s goodness take a sideline. He asks Soumya to come by walk. He goes away with Preeto. Soumya crosses the journey alone. She feels sorrowful with Harman’s behavior. She is not able to win Harman’s love. Preeto gets helpless because of Harman. Soumya reaches the function. Harman doesn’t want to give wife’s rights to Soumya. He asks Soumya to get away from him. He feels ashamed to be married to a kinner.

He meets some kinners and asks them not to come when he gets a child, since he already has a kinner home who will sing and dance on his baby’s Naamkaran ceremony. He refuses to give nek to kinners. He says we will give nek to just Soumya. He publicly humiliates Soumya. Preeto manages the situation. She gives nek to kinners and takes Soumya with her. Harman doesn’t change and gets more bitter for her. Soumya does her duty towards Harman. She finds him drunk and hurting his hand in anger. Soumya heals his wound with love. She falls asleep by his side. Harman wakes up and sees Soumya in his room. He asks her to get lost. He insults her further and ties her up.

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